Always replaceable

Perfect as you may think
lurking flawlessly in the crowd
make a name, carve it in stone
do whatever makes you proud
but dare not forget
you will vanish into a cloud
of dust and wither away
like leaves falling in May
try as much to stay
someone out there already exists
to replace you
to make their way
to becoming a perfect
spouse, child, friend
whatever it was that you could be
the world will go on
even when you leave.

Dear Alcohol, let’s break up

One two three shots down
Too dizzy to see my feet
Or stand on the ground
In every face
I only found
The one I was looking for
Even when he wasn’t around
To every man that passed
I would wave a Hi
Not sure who to tell
How to find which one was my guy
Cuz I found no face
Other than his
There were too many
I didn’t want to miss
Telling the right man
I loved him
Not knowing
He too was drunk somewhere
And I was far from there
But then it could go amiss
Since I found no face
But his
I would rather say it sober
Than confess when I’m drunk
Dear alcohol
Let’s break up.


Its been over six months trying to figure out a way to tell the man I like that I like him, but it has been all in vain. Should I or shouldn’t I? The greatest tragedy in the world today is that nobody really wants to listen to your part of the story. So the story stays inside until it becomes a ruckus and starts messing with your head like its happening today. I cannot sleep.

It is a very bold and daring move to rather pen it down than say it, but then saying is the most important thing. He works in my office. That makes the case even worse. In case of rejection, I will have to see him everyday and its not going to be that easy. Plus there is a greater chance of awkwardness. Okay. I have found the problem. The only problem is the fear and pain of rejection.

He is a handsome man and also a very angry person. He seems unattainable. I feel he is not in my reach. Beauty by no means is purely external, but then it does come to that in the end. Anyways, the fear of hearing a no shall not stand in the way of acceptance of the fact that I am truly drawn towards him and that he must know.

The whole scenario becomes more complicated because there is no way to know his part of the story. I don’t even know if he’s into someone or is planning to get married. Damn! You become so vulnerable. I have never felt my heart open so wide that it could be wounded. Or it is simple nonsense. Its mostly the screwed up head that is responsible for everything. I don’t even know what I am talking about.

There is nothing to lose however. The only result would be either a yes or a no. We could fall apart or fall together. There is simply no way to know or is there? Life has stopped in the quest for the right answer. It shouldn’t have been this way. There are some things you really cannot control.

The rich beggar

Clouds had gathered
in the sky
dancing while they passed by
a frequent shower now and then
streets flooded which once were dry
Stuck in a traffic jam
while on my way back from a goodbye
I found this one guy
walking through the street
his legs buried in deep
who would help a passer by
with a towel for him to dry
or a help to those in need
whose vehicles got buried deep
or a smile to the man
who would just be wry
making his day perfect
with a heart warming goodbye
when next I passed
I saw him across the street
cleaning the heaps
of garbage that had piled
And as he looked upon me
he smiled
So I stopped to observe
if he was just a passerby
and when he finished his work
he took out the money
coins mostly that he did count
realizing the small amount
he took out the bowl he had in his keep
and started begging on the street
That’s not what we call poor
poor is he who cannot give
here was a beggar
who made the world rich.

We will be fine

Your eyes shine
with flames of anger
but in it
I see a need
hidden down deep beneath
that needs to speak
A dark and dispelling presence
of this man
makes me weak
on my knees
And I get drawn
distance is hard to keep
Love or lust I don’t really know of
But I do believe
there is a bleak
hope that this man’s darkness
will dispel mine
and this time
we will just be fine.

Losing all hope

When pain cripples your body
ever felt the urge
to give up?
some bad time stays
it doesn’t really go
people ask you
to go with the flow
but the hurt is too deep
and scars too exposed
to let the wound heal
to let you find any hope
so you cling to something
work, love or lust
and sticking with it
sometimes you spend your entire life
but have you ever wondered
when your hope dies
will you be able to survive?