National poetry day!

The restless souls
Who scramble their heart
Across the paper
Scattering words
Knitting a rhyme
Writing is their expression
And they are fine
When they can’t say
Because they tell the truth
In their own ways
Or lie
When they want to.
It is one of the
Greatest tragedies
And the most beautiful blessing
To be able to express
Words don’t always fail.

Those familiar faces

There are some faces
We can’t go a day without
Looking at them gives us
A certain assurance
That even if all goes wrong
Everything will just be fine
That we won’t always have to find a fix in
Beer or wine
There are some faces
Looking at them gives us relief
That we can carry on
That whatever bad has come
Will only be brief.
There are some faces
Familiar ones
And when they can’t be seen
It is almost like
A piece missing.

Urge to speak

Ever felt that strong urge to speak
To pour your heart out
Or to weep
Though you are bad at tears
Wisest option is always to
Overcome your fears
And let it slide
But won’t it be easier
If there was someone
To share your tide
To at least pour your heart out
And say it out loud
What it is
You want to speak!


I so wish I had superpowers
To fly away
To leave
When I felt hurt and full of dismay.
I wish I had superpowers
To go back to the days
When learning was fun
When I discovered new ways.
I wish I had superpowers
To wipe away the dust
Have a clean slate
I wish I get all of these
Before its too late.

Goodness in the world

Not the usual whining
Or blaming the world
Or the cab drivers
This time its a story different
Usually hopeless
And scared of the world
Its now time to make amends
And bring to light
The brighter side of the world
That is not so hard
And cares
And makes you realise
Your presence does make a little bit difference
Even a stranger can be a friend
And the seemingly hard people
Act so because they too face everyday battles
But they too have a soft side
That looks out for you
In your plight
The world isn’t all dark
There’s still hope
Still some light
And such an experience becomes more beautiful
When you least expect the world
To be by your side.

A surprise

Once before I got a message
Saying your courier is out for delivery
Containing an iPhone
And I still wasn’t happy
Because I remembered my number was
Listed on some site
So it belonged to someone else before it came to me
And I was right.
But this time unexpected it arrived
With the courier guy calling on my phone
Asking me to collect
Something unknown
And I was in dilemma
Because he stood outside the office gates
And I kept wondering
If I was supposed to pay the rate
That the unknown item carried
But then the money was paid
And it felt great
And a little strange
Until I finally knew
It was a surprise
A surprise most wonderful of them all.

The touch of solitude

In a chaotic hustle bustle
Of this occupied life
People have lost track
Of little things that matter most
Running after successes
Of which they would boast
Only in complete silence
Can the world realize
Even failures are full of life
And success so exhausting sometimes
That you must remember to cherish both
And when you learn to do so
Successes and failures
Will smoothly float
Only then will life
Grasp the meaning
When you can endure through trials
Without whining
When you can make heaps of success
With the piles of loss
That’s when you will grow
And be able to get up
Even after a blow.
Connect with silence
Calm your mind
The answers are there
You just need to find.