The logic of love


Logic, logic I tried to find,
to explain the equation,
Prove LHS = RHS,
it said in the question.
Little did they realize,
some logic must not be proved,
in the matters of heart,
we tend to confuse
when we try to find explanations sound,
because only when logic is eliminated,
and emotion still resides,
that is when love is found.

Striking the wrong chords

A fleeting moment
touched me,
where I had kept my fears
and traumas of the past,
while I know they have gone
and they won’t last,
yet when a wrong chord is struck,
it brings back the faded pictures,
of when you were hurt,
exposing again, the ruptures.

And every time
the same chord is struck,
you harden the cocoon,
to spare yourself the hurt,
but you can’t help a lot
when the same chord is struck,

They don’t understand love at all!

Rise, they say, rise in love,
That you mustn’t fall,
But I beg to differ
I don’t think they understand at all,
If you were meant to rise,
Staying alone would suffice.
To love will always mean to fall,
You will need to bend
And that’s how it will stand tall,
While you must not part with who you are,
You’ll have to walk some miles in their shoes,
Stay with them, whether near or far.

So when they say, rise,
rise in love,
Don’t fall,
I think they don’t understand,
They don’t understand love at all.