Fair weather friends



Don’t you have many
that call you a friend
but when you need them most
they just won’t lend.

They strike too hard
and you fall down
you try hard to rise
but the pain is too profound.

You are hurt and down
and they don’t try
you hope they would
by then your tears have dried.

They say the tree that bends
is the one that stands tall
there are always chances to make amends
but they just won’t bow at all.

And then you know
where you stand
gone are the days, when
you walked hand in hand.

If they could only promise
to never fight
it wouldn’t have mattered
who was wrong or right.

So maybe this time
if they don’t try
you must let go
let the bond die.





Where the songs of the birds sound like a dream
Where the snow falls like a sunbeam
Where the souls live happily
Where the birds sing merrily
Where the light removes clouds of ignorance
Where we smell a sort of fragrance
Where the trees talk in whispers
Where the fairies fly with feathers
Where all the dreams come true
Where the surroundings are white and blue
Where the souls rest in peace
Where there is no need to pay the fees
Where we find calmness in everything
Where we find the birds singing
Where it seems like touching the sky
Where we find answers to what and why
Where the birds sing songs of truth
Where there is no lie, only truth
Where the flowers bloom in red
Where there is home for the dead
Where the evil cannot find place
Where everyone feels warm and safe
Where the fairies fly in the dark
Where we cannot find any evil mark
Where we find a lot of beauty
Where we find the path of duty
Where the angels have their walk
Where there is no need of a clock
Where we find the answer to everything
“Who is the beggar and who is the king?”

Moving Away

From a mama’s baby

to this independent flight

I will cherish it all

with delight.

With a heavy heart

I moved away

fearful of the choice

I made that day!

Scared I was 

of the coming new

but this journey called life

was worth living through.

Alone i was

among the clouds

when a ray of hope

shined through my doubts.

At times i felt

crippled by the past

people who mattered

did not last.

I decided to let go

of the bonds that held me

I shall miss them

pray for their well being.

Among the choices I had

I chose to be strong

and that’s what has made

all the difference

in this journey called ‘life’.