Bittersweet success


I look above

thank Him

and I see

a face

smiling down

on me

the Only face


in my success



of all

that I have become.


She stands alone


 Helpless is what she feels

her heart pounding

she moves with a

burden, she feels low

maybe this all will

take to grow.

A few things

enliven her hope

give her the spirit

help her to cope.

Maybe fighting is all

she can do

you may never realize

what she goes through.

For her story

is an unsung saga

a battle fought

which only she knows.

She will keep her hope alive

and will strive

to see how long

she can survive.

For her story

is an unsung saga

you will never know

she will never show.

They taught me friendship


There are people who never left
opportunity to thank them, today i get.
They made me come out of the hurt i carried so long
they are my treasure, it is to them i belong.
Not that we see each other everyday
but they will be there, no matter how far away.
They shoulder me when i stumble
its a blessing to have them, i am humbled.
He sent them here for me i am sure
they help me out, when even medicines can’t cure.
Bond we share is a bond so strong
we die to meet, for togetherness we long.
It is not that we never fought
nor did we come out as easy as we thought.
But the ties were too strong to die
there was no reason to leave and say goodbye.
They taught me friendship, never left my side
whether it be a sunny day or tide.
Today i have the opportunity to confess
they are my best people and i am theirs, i guess.
For when even other ties withered away
our bond stood strong, we found a way.
Others will come and others will go
but we will go on forever!

If you could just smile


Dark and gloomy

that’s what you think i’ll write

but today i pen down

all happy and bright

you say its hard

this thing called life

you spend it all

in turmoil and strife

so here i write

to bright and happy days

if you just think right

you will find many ways

doubts will remove

when the sun shines

with a new day will come

many more rhymes

and they’ll brighten your day

keep gloom at bay

will help you bounce off

hurt and dismay

so sing with me

while i sing to thee

if you just could smile

how happy life would be.