My happiness

My happiness is family

having someone to return to

my happiness is a friend

even if not perfect

just loving and true

my happiness is dancing

when no one is around

my happiness is reading

living through a book

my happiness is singing

when i sing out of tune

my happiness is love

a love that is forever new

my happiness is my family

a friend, me and you.



Running away

Sometimes I wish 

to run away

from all that there is

to leave behind

all that i hold on to

to find a place

where i am

alone, on my own

so that i would

no longer

feel hurt

i could weep

without being noticed

live without fear

love without falling

sometimes i wish 

to run away

from all that

there is.

Let it remain in the heart

Cuz it is better

not to trust again

better to cage your heart

for you can neither leave

nor come close

think how it will feel

when you part

soon will come the time

when you have to

bid goodbye

there won’t be

a trace of

hurt in your eyes

but your inside will know

which is something

you can never ever show.

Family ties

Cuz family ties
bind me so strong
that its too big
a burden to bear
staying away
on my own
but to them
i couldn’t say
i still can’t
with time
i grew wise
stopped much talking
took my own advice
the ties
that once
stood strong
started to shake
cuz the ties
will be missed
and loved
all along
i take it all in stride
i decide to walk on.

A false friend

Betrayal was last thing
i had on my mind
you dishonored me
my friend
by distrusting me

its not that
i did not do any wrong
but everyone did
then why am i
the only one to blame

you have shaken my faith
in all friendship i ever had
you have betrayed my trust
put me on the verge
of breaking

but now my heart has been beaten
so many times
that it no longer
feels the same
no longer feels a thing