All that was ever his


Did you ever lose so badly

that you felt you won’t get up

ever thought what a soldier goes through

in a battlefield when odds are tough.

He bleeds in pride

he fights with valiancy

he gives himself up

even when he knows he won’t survive

he ensures the enemy is drubbed.

Cuz while you cry

fancying a million stuff

he is a hero battling with cuffs

who left his home long ago

and will fight really tough.

And the cuffs that bind him

are his dreams he thought he would live

until he realizes

his dreams won’t happen

because his life he has to give.

And he will offer it

as if it was never his

he will lay down

all that was ever his.

So if someone could give up

all that was ever his

to save that he never owned

couldn’t you just let go

of all you hurt

and stop feeling stoned.


Do it all with love


Live so well

that the heavens look at you

and wish to fall back

from where they came.

Love so much

that it doesn’t hurt a bit

When it hurts, there is no more hurt

with love, heart is lit.

Work so hard

that you don’t have music left in you

when you leave

and in order for it to happen

you must learn to believe.

Care so passionately

that it touches the soul

that it heals all wounds

that it hurts no more.

Earn so wisely

that there is enough to spend

enough to keep

and remember

you sow exactly what you reap.

Fight hard when necessary

bend when at fault

cuz it is the tree that bends

that at last stands tall.

And then you must dust away

cuz not all sand is meant to stay

all that is there today

is meant to leave and go away!

My grandmother

I don’t want to make you cry

but sorry if i do

this is too big to bear

what i am sharing with you.

She loved me as much

as a mother loves her child

She always told me, as a kid

when she left, how much i cried.

Today she left for forever

and something struck me deep

its a feeling i felt never

but she left and i did weep.

She wished to see me marry

she wished to see me grow up

a part of it I did fulfill

she must be proud, seeing from above.

She touched so many lives

that stood by her today

who will cry when you die?

many did, when she went away.

She’s my darling

and will always be

it hurts to lose someone who loved you

I hope her soul rests in peace.

There’s a guilt that goes too deep

since i was hardly near

So I advice you to keep people close

who you hold dear.

Cuz once they leave

the wound won’t heal

all you learn is to

not let your mistake repeat.

So do everything with so much love

that it wouldn’t hurt much to see them leave

make what you have worthwhile

cuz guilt is too big too keep.

Dream further than the stars


Random thoughts lurk in my mind

and problem is they don’t lead anywhere

but still the mind is ever crowded

because being unoccupied, it cannot bear.

Idle mind is the devil’s workshop

and a potential place for bane

better let your mind wander

even if it drives you insane.

Cuz what has sane done

is in the limits so far

If you want to break barriers

dream further than the stars.

Once you limit your ideas

you won’t reach the skies

in being what you are not

you are hopelessly telling yourself lies.

So while you can

grab all chances you have

because once you let them slide

you are left with nothing but crap.

And while you get good at this

remember to cherish the solitude

It is alone that you discover yourself

in a form that’s pure and crude.

And while you pass through all this

you will come out bright and shiny

learn, experience, mature and grow

learn to be happy and stop being whiny.

So if you want to fly

and break the bars

you must learn to dream

further than the stars.