My grandmother

I don’t want to make you cry

but sorry if i do

this is too big to bear

what i am sharing with you.

She loved me as much

as a mother loves her child

She always told me, as a kid

when she left, how much i cried.

Today she left for forever

and something struck me deep

its a feeling i felt never

but she left and i did weep.

She wished to see me marry

she wished to see me grow up

a part of it I did fulfill

she must be proud, seeing from above.

She touched so many lives

that stood by her today

who will cry when you die?

many did, when she went away.

She’s my darling

and will always be

it hurts to lose someone who loved you

I hope her soul rests in peace.

There’s a guilt that goes too deep

since i was hardly near

So I advice you to keep people close

who you hold dear.

Cuz once they leave

the wound won’t heal

all you learn is to

not let your mistake repeat.

So do everything with so much love

that it wouldn’t hurt much to see them leave

make what you have worthwhile

cuz guilt is too big too keep.

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