The shining star

Eyes deceive

and wait to turn around

to see the shining star

in the dark

however far it may seem

we hope to reach that far

however unsure we are

of making a mark

on this star

but we desire to reach

and make it ours

like a moth gets drawn

to fire

we are ready to burn

and who can save someone

who will never learn.


The truth shall set you free

The truth is that

it never comes out

It lies deep inside our hearts

untouched and in doubt

that when it will be spoken

will the world believe

cuz the world has been shadowed by

illusion and deceit.

So it is buried deep down

and locked away

but with a hope

someone finds their way

to this truth buried deep and in dark

where all our world unwraps

will they come and discover

uncover the wraps?

However when they open it

the wound might not have healed

and that’s all because

hurt has been hard to keep.

Love will follow

when they come and touch the scars

but will someone come

and do that part?

Cuz it is a truth buried

deep and dark

only when touched

will the hurt depart

and the truth shall

be revealed

and when it so happens

you will be free.