Read his life saving mantras
Swiped her card at the bar
Tilak on his head
Drove the way back in her car
God his dharma
Work her karma
He emptied people’s pocket hunting on ignorance
She taught a class of under priviliged
He could see the future
She was building it for them
He didn’t see the car coming
But she did not die
Wonder life was on which side?



Days and weeks and years of trial
Shaped up
Finishing touches
Perfect picture
Strong base
Exactly when last piece was put
To structure
A wind blew
There was a fall
And every time
The structure finalised
A wind blew
And the structure would rupture
Hope was marred
Such was the story of
The deck of cards.

A friend who broke everything

She is still my friend
She has broken every good thing I ever had
Be it my anklet
Or my favorite band
Be it my favorite coffee mug
Or spoiling my favorite T-shirt
She is the witness to all my swear words
Now that she is not here
I don’t have to fear
What else she is going to break
And while I think about her
I am sure she would be breaking something somewhere

Body Image

She was fat and ugly
Bullies would comment
Not knowing what the girl went through
They had no remorse, no lament.
The girl stopped going out
Locked her up in her room
Fighting with body image issues
And no one knew.
She had become so wary of the mirror
Because it too pointed out her faults
And she was just a girl
Too young and small
To know beauty lay
In the eyes of the beholder
She only learned it later
When she grew older
But the scars left behind
Did not really heal
However she knew now
It was only about what she feels
About herself that will define her.

My favorite pen

Gifted by a fellow writer
my favorite pen
that’s been my partner
in penning almost a 100 poems
that’s been a witness
to thousand of my thoughts
a partner in confession
sometimes in crime
by killing men in writing
that made me whine
ran out of ink today
its hard to get its refill
the only one thing
that’s been with me
when things went downhill
or uphill
now I can get a new one
or if you can lend
but it almost feels as if
I have lost a friend.

What stops you?

My dream is to pursue
what I love
and follow my heart
but nobody will let me
also where do I start?
They say if I do this
I won’t be able to leave a mark
when I finally depart
but is it the sole purpose
should it be the reason
we let go of our spark?
Maybe we will give up
in trying to try
but I won’t let the
ink in my pen dry
because as long as the
words keep littering over
that paper
my soul will stay alive
that much is enough
to make me strive
and live through this thing
they call life.

As if a piece went missing

Possession is but
bondage, tying us
binding us to own
or be owned
Once you let truth
slip out of your mouth
and let yourself be known
you are owned
and you will miss
any person who lives
who heard your tale
unedited and unfiltered
because they are a mirror
to your soul
you are bound to them
a relation of possession
which is enough to destroy you
or them
because they know you
so well and you them
its almost scary
and once they leave
which they will
it will almost be
as if a piece went missing.

Pitch and toss

The damage the years do
to me or to you
can it be undone
when there is hope none
will the hurt depart
some say it lasts
for others it goes too fast
with time some grow wise
some otherwise
what’s in it to earn
yes, we do learn
but the damage once done
can it be undone
can the presence of what you have
balance the loss
life is but a game of
pitch and toss.


All I do, that I do for you
is a token of love
and I thought you will take a clue
that when I need
and yes, I will need you
you will be there
without me asking you
but then you weren’t there
never were, nor will be
and I will keep hoping
going on doing the same
for everybody
but then we must keep a check
when to expect more
when to expect less
and when not to expect at all.