Ambivert problems

We talk about introverts and extroverts but ambiverts are yet another complicated set of people. It is more like a split personality disorder, only that it happens at our own will.
From being misjudged, to never being able to understand ourselves, we suffer from a variety of problems.

1) Nobody really knows the real you.
There are people with whom you will be loud and you do not have to struggle with them. It happens with ease and they know what a big maniac you are. But then there is a set of people who think you aren’t really concerned about anything than yourself and your work. Such a plight!

2) You really don’t know yourself and constantly suffer from personality crisis.
Is there such a thing as personality crisis? Anyways. Sometimes, it is too difficult to know what is really going on with us. Sometimes we are too easy, sometimes too crappy. And frankly, there are no reasons.

3) Fear and no fear.
We are blunt and we are too careful. Sometimes, things come up to the mouth but are never uttered out and sometimes, they just flow out without a second thought. Huff, what is wrong with us?

4) When you are in love, the world knows except the person you love.
Strange as it seems, it does happen. We are an open book and too closed. We can admit to feelings but run away from them a little too much. And frankly, when an ambivert falls in love, he lets the world know but does he tell the person concerned? šŸ˜„

5) You are a pain to your family.
Your moods are too hard to be predicted and dealt with which makes your family suffer. You shout out too loud or go into complete silence when you are sad and you just puzzle them and drive them crazy.

Now if there was a way to read an ambivert’s mind, life would be so much simpler. *sigh*


One thought on “Ambivert problems

  1. Right on. I love being an ambivert. I’d hate to just be on one side of the spectrum. Why can’t I be bold and adventurousā€”AND quiet and reserved? Always made sense to me!

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