Transferable jobs

I still remember every home
I have lived in
Born in Delhi
Traveling to Punjab
Five years of office society
It was maximum we would last
In a single place
And we shifted to
A city new
A place called jhunjhunu
Its in Rajasthan
We switched 3 homes
In 3 years
Time went on fast
The place was peaceful
Memories still fresh
And made to last
Then an year of Karnal
And another in panipat
Still cherish
Riding fast
On bicycles
Against vehicles speeding fast
Mother would wonder
If I am really her daughter
Or her boy.
Next was a destination beautiful
Himachal for 3 years
Lived in Una
But traveled around
And that’s how
Wanderlust was found
That sat lurking inside
Finally landed in hometown
If I can really call it that
4 years
I only remember studying hard
And putting on weight too fast
Then transferred to Bhopal
A nice beautiful home there
But only two years it could last
Because parents were transferred back
To Delhi
Too fast
And then two years of hostel
A lot of struggle
And building some amazing memories
It was a place
Where time moved very slowly
Job sent me to trivandrum
South of India
3 months of mind boggling training
On mainframes
Finally to be sent back
To where I belonged
Each moment is special
Each memory special in its own
But not many friends were made
Not fixed was the place called home
It finally feels good to belong to one place
Which I can call home
Where I can stay happy and carefree
And nothing is more special to me
It has been a whole life of change
Sometimes good sometimes too bad
But packing and leaving so many times
Leaves you exhausted
And sometimes heartbroken
Though I love to travel
I am happy I have a place to come back to.


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