I remember visiting an orphanage once
in a remote area it was located
far from the city noise
was a group devoted
who looked after children
as if they were their own
they had none to call parents
but this was their home.
They taught these children
to be happy in what little they had
and if some good family was to ready to adopt
they would send the children, they were glad
because their love had only one motive
to see the children happy
doing what they want to do
fearless and carefree.
Parting would hurt both
sometimes a child would just not let go
but they would build a dream for him
where his life was no longer sad, no longer grim.
Instead of making him stay
they would let him go
that’s what people do who love you
they let you swim with the flow.
What a man sometimes does
can be extraordinary
they give of their heart
we try to compensate with money.

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