Is that the way you wanted to be?

As a kid we often pictured
Maturing into the flawless adult
And not becoming like those we hated
We thought we would never whine or sulk.
And then we grew a little
Started to see the world in a new way
Facing personality crisis
Almost every other day.
To take what comes or to fight
We never could decide
Forcing ourselves to see the world
In a positive light.
But like many other things
The perspective changed
And we grew up becoming bitter
Not sure who was to blame.
People will keep on doing
Whatever they want in this world free
But we grew up to be one of the sulky ones
Was it all that we wanted to be?
Now and then introspect
Look at where you started
Could you find who is to blame yet
So easily the finger darted.
We are not what we are underneath
Shatter this belief and let your actions speak
Just be sure to introspect
Is this all you wanted to be?

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