Pieces stitched together
filling in the gaps
making us whole
when one piece would part
another would replace
and play the role.
Though many will come
to make up for the ones that go
but will the piece fit in just right
how can one be sure?
It won’t make any sense perhaps
when you look at the shape
since some pieces you glued
and a few you had to tape.
While some pieces will leave
and never come back
few will outstretch
to fill the gap.
It won’t always be in your hands
to decide which ones to keep
you cannot really know
if it’s happiness or sorrow you reap.
Every little remaining piece
will make the final picture
and I guess that’s when we will know
it couldn’t have been better
than this.


Her first time

It was her first time. She was anxious, worried. Her mind told her not to do it, but her heart said otherwise. She was told that it would lessen her misery. She was curious. She wanted to drown in the intoxicating fragrance that had always lured her. For a little while, she wanted to forget all her miseries and indulge in the act of pleasure. “But what if it results in a disaster? What if I walk out feeling empty? Worse, what if I get addicted?”, she thought to herself.

While doubt and fear eroded her mind, her heart told her to make the move. She walked on, not holding back. It was then she saw a man making his exit from the same place she was about to enter. He seemed blissful. The look of contentment in his eyes was everything she had desired, all her life. She had been too shy, too cautious, too careful about everything. But not anymore. It was her turn to do what she wanted to and not care about what the world will think. Brushing aside all her nervousness, not worrying about the results, she made the move and stepped inside the bar. She is still glad of her first time.

Not a wish granting factory!

Hope, they say, is everything
that you must stick to it
and not let it die
magic happens
even your fantasies,
they all come alive.
That’s what we have been told
that we must not be afraid to dream
but not taught how to carry on
and redeem
ourselves when a dream explodes
and burns us to the ground
leaves us with scars
and pain too profound.
Keep faith,
but do not be hell bent on hope
while you must be afraid of falling
you must also learn how to cope.
Excellence will be applauded
all else labeled satisfactory
Remember the world owes you nothing
for it is not a wish granting factory.

The chase

Consumed by emotion
a soul went
where the heart made it go
encountering some rough and patchy paths
which made it grow.
Nothing asked for in return
still it survived
in waiting for the answer
time passed by.
But one sat in devotion
looking at the locked door
not caring about what the world thought of it
not anymore.
Unaware that the key it held
could unlock so much more
with the passage of time
it became more unsure.
The knock, the bangs
couldn’t melt the heart
it didn’t know if it should stay
or part.
It waited patiently
until it could bear no more
so it walked up to
another door.
The heart always knew
the key would fit in this
almost sure
that it couldn’t go amiss.
But to its horror
it couldn’t unbolt
though the key
was always meant for this door.
It attempted again
not failing to try
confused, bewildered
and thinking why
the key that was meant
to unlock this door
didn’t even fit anymore.
It banged again and again
not wanting its dreams to die
though failure was final
it still did give a try.
Yet another story ended
it groaned
the chase just turned
another heart into stone.

Connecting the dots

Unsure, uncertain
of what will come next
Staring at the possibilities
looking perplexed.
The very thought of next moment
instilled a fear
of losing anything
that they held most dear.
Not knowing what’s meant to last
will not slip by
and anything that doesn’t want to stay
will bid goodbye.
Trying to make meaning, looking forward
Sticking to what they were taught
but it is only when you look back
that you can finally connect the dots.

Of broken dreams

Heaps of failure
made them strong
when the too-rough fingers of the world
suppressed them, silencing their inner song.
The songs of freedom
that they would sing
in a hope that it would assuage
their suffering.
What the world didn’t know
was that they too would rise and shine
that it was only
a matter of time,
before these songs become the story
of their turmoil
and then their glory.
The world could no longer make them bow
when already their hopes were shattered to extremes
they moved on, head held high,
not fearing what lay ahead
for they were made of broken dreams.

Better to have it and lose it than to never have it at all?

An admirer of solitude
a tough man
never felt the need
of a helping hand
until a stranger came by
and he shared his woes
unspoken stories
highs and lows.
He was complete
before she arrived
but when she left
he felt a little deprived.
He didn’t know what went missing
because everything had been the same before
when he couldn’t figure the problem
how could he know the cure?
It was only later he realized
what it meant to fall
to have something and lose it
than to never have it at all.