Once upon a time

When I was a little kid
My only dream was to fly
To speedily make way through the clouds
Until they told me my dream was a lie.
When I grew up a bit
My dream was to touch the stars
Until I was told I couldn’t make it
Because they were too far.
My mother would tell stories of near and far
Sometimes a little love story
I grew up seeing broken marriages
And people wanting dowry.
In my teens I decided
To find the best job
That will buy me all my favorite stuff
Until I was no longer sure.
Growing up my dreams changed
But not their ending
It was all about growing up
And learning
That not all dreams will come true
If you try hard
You can still live a few
That’s when you learn
To enjoy the little things in life
And not let the good moments pass
In the blink of an eye.


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