Living through your favorite TV series

A reader is exhausted by the time a good book ends because he lives through so many characters. The same happens when you watch your favorite TV series. Be it Sherlock Holmes, The Mentalist, The Game of Thrones, House M.D., Grey’s Anatomy. We all feel heartbroken when it reaches its end because it became such an important part of our life. Here’s to the nostalgia:

1) We can never forget how we pretended to act like our favorite character

Every time we feel the need to beat someone’s argument with heavy sarcasm, we love to quote Tyrion, “But that still makes me more clever than you are” or Holmes, “You lower the IQ of the entire street.”


2) The crisis we face when our favorite character dies

I still remember the death of Lexie in Grey’s Anatomy and Mark’s confession of his love for her in her final minutes and later his death. I couldn’t come out of the gloom for a month. I was so heartbroken.


3) The horror of missing even the repeat telecast

If you are watching your favorite show after downloading it, that’s fine. But if you do not have superb downloading speeds, which was a scenario some years ago and you missed both the original and the repeat telecast of some particular episode, the pain is unparalleled.


4) Closing all the doors, turning off the light

Every now and then, Game of Thrones would have an episode that would contain sexual content. And if you stay at home, the biggest risk is to let your parents see what it is you’re watching. So we carefully plan everything, closing the doors, turning off the lights, keeping a tab open with some educational video playing, in case they enter your room and you need to press Alt+Tab.


5) The final breaking point

And we all die a little inside when our favorite TV series ends. We feel guilty of watching it back to back, but we just couldn’t resist. How could we, knowing that the next episode had so much more drama than the previous one. It ends. We break. And we go in the zen mode for another month until some other good TV series arrives and we grab another bowl of popcorn or whatever suits us, close all doors and let the whole cycle repeat. *Infinite loop*



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