Stressful mornings

The first thing we do in the morning is to switch on the TV, tune into a news channel, usually the back to back headlines they flash in the morning. It has been a part of the routine. The only problem I have noticed is that it is only getting more depressing with time.

My stress levels hit the maximum when I would hear about a man being beaten up only because he asked to pay the toll amount or because a woman got raped or some guy was killed because he loved some girl or some one killing someone on failing in one sided love. Such depression it gives me. It sends a chill down my spine to see the society going to the dogs. We are too liberal in using the word human I guess.

I prefer watching a cartoon channel in the morning. It’s not that I run away from reality or anything, but we all need to escape from the too rough reality of the world sometimes. Also, I cannot tolerate violence.

But in any case, those back to back headlines are important for me because they help me stay updated, so in case I feel really stressed out, I go out and walk. Initially, I used to introspect about the daily mishaps and uneventful happenings, now I have learned its no use. When I walk, I keep my mind blank. It helps me keep my sanity.

Once or twice I have written about some bad incidents myself. Mostly because I felt the need to bring such events to light. But I make up for it by switching to humor every now and then. I believe that when it starts to get serious, one must make it comical.

And why am I writing this article? Well, basically because I am jobless, awake and have suffered from long periods of silence, so I need to talk. Anyways, Happy morning!


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