A wish upon a falling star

I made a wish upon a falling star
To give me what I wanted most,
For I had run out of strength
And last ounce of hope.

The wish I made upon that falling star
Did not come alive
So I made another one
To send someone to help me through the strife.

Alone I fought, unarmed this time
For I had lost all hope
So I decided not to to make any wish
And just let it go.

That night many stars fell,
It was a lovely sight,
But I had chosen not to make
Any wish this time.

I worked towards the dream
I had asked for,
Knowing that this time if I failed
There might be no cure.

To my surprise
I received everything
All that I wished for.
But was it my devotion
Or the wish upon that star?
I am still not sure.


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