Stress buster (Adult coloring books)

Hundreds of articles have flooded across social media talking about the benefits of coloring, how it is equivalent to meditation and is a great stress buster. Since I don’t have either a coloring book or colors, I tried some basic drawing and coloring.


I have only used pen and pencil here. Thankfully I had a shade of blue, black and purple, so it helped.

Did it do me any good? Well, yes it did. Though it took me only 15 minutes, those minutes were very relaxing. I will try to explain why I said relaxing.

First of all, to sit with a pen and paper is one wonderful thing, it makes me nostalgic. It reminds me of the wonderful childhood days when I did stuff not to get merit but to enjoy.

Second, once I started drawing and coloring, I felt focused. I always whine about how I have lost my patience to sit with a thing without getting distracted, but for those fifteen minutes, I was completely into it. Believe me, that’s one big achievement for someone who keeps at least 15 tabs open at the same time.

Third, I wasn’t concerned about how it will come out in the end. Very rarely does that happen. Don’t you think so? As adults, we do things focusing on end result. But certainly not this time.

Fourth, I was happy. In those moments I was completely absorbed and felt like a child.

I think it is one thing worth trying. Go for it! If the thing doesn’t come out nice, what’s the worry? Don’t slip into “I cannot do a single thing nicely” complex. Just go ahead and do it. I am gonna buy myself some colors and a coloring book as well. The main reason I am doing it is for the nostalgia and frankly, I don’t need any more reasons 🙂


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