Striking the wrong chords

A fleeting moment
touched me,
where I had kept my fears
and traumas of the past,
while I know they have gone
and they won’t last,
yet when a wrong chord is struck,
it brings back the faded pictures,
of when you were hurt,
exposing again, the ruptures.

And every time
the same chord is struck,
you harden the cocoon,
to spare yourself the hurt,
but you can’t help a lot
when the same chord is struck,

They don’t understand love at all!

Rise, they say, rise in love,
That you mustn’t fall,
But I beg to differ
I don’t think they understand at all,
If you were meant to rise,
Staying alone would suffice.
To love will always mean to fall,
You will need to bend
And that’s how it will stand tall,
While you must not part with who you are,
You’ll have to walk some miles in their shoes,
Stay with them, whether near or far.

So when they say, rise,
rise in love,
Don’t fall,
I think they don’t understand,
They don’t understand love at all.

Last note


I wouldn’t want you to weep,
or stand over my body,
with a pain profound.
I will prefer to leave,
without any trace of me,
without making any sound.
Don’t remember me,
with hurt in your heart,
pain in your mind.
Keep my happy memories,
of all the good days,
and the good time.
I will carry your broken fragments with me,
so I leave you unharmed,
and untouched.
Remember to be happy,
for me,
because I loved you so much!

The Last Leaf


I painted a picture,
to save a man,
for the last leaf had fallen.

But it cost me my life,
in trying to help him live,
a little sacrifice,
painting a picture,
to save him from woe,
to help him make through
the lows,
and when asked why I did it,
for the one I didn’t even love,
I said,
“what extent do you go for the ones
that you do love?”
and they just kept quiet!

To travel is to live!


Time was not the healer,
but nature,
for it protected me,
healed my heart,
when it was broken,
silence gave me more comfort
than the words spoken.
And every time,
my soul will seek solace,
I’ll lose myself again,
in the nature flawless,
probably it won’t mend me,
or be able to put my pieces together,
time, they say, is the best healer,
I’ll choose nature rather.

The Void



The term has become so unpopular, the moment you read it, a negative emotion crops up and you wouldn’t want to read the article. You will resonate the word with you in all the wrong ways, all the emptiness you feel and yet putting up that happy face for the world, so it doesn’t know about the void that exists. But I think void is necessary. And it needn’t always be always be associated with the “emptiness” but more with “solitude” or “peace”.

For me, my void is my refuge. I go there to rejuvenate and to fulfill all the selfish desires, rather than trying to fulfill anyone else’s expectations. Void is not my emptiness, but my essential part, that brings me closer to myself. If I didn’t have the void, I will always be full. And that’s very exhausting. To always feel something, pleasure, pain, anger, sadness; whatever emotion it may be. When you slip to the void, you are your naked self, in your most pure and crude form. That’s something you must learn to enjoy and not label it as something that it is not.

People committing suicides often leave in their notes that they felt empty. That there was not one to fill their emptiness, hence they couldn’t move on. They give up. The way our society laments over the fact that the person involved was alone and that maybe if he had someone to share his thoughts with, he wouldn’t have died. It is good to have company, but much more necessary to learn to live with oneself. To make peace with all that you are, it is necessary to experience empty and out of emotions, but only sometimes.

There will always be stories to share, there will always be responsibilities to fulfill, words to say, tears to cry, hate to express or love, but there will always be something to go back to, where you learn the most, where you resign to, when your life becomes unclear. That will always be the void. Why do you even want to fill that void with someone else when you can have that little space for yourself!