She chooses to run away. Every single time. Whether it be her unresolved life issues, her anger or any of her other emotions, she likes to remain ignorant. Addressing them is like taking a look inside and she would not want to do that and get lost in trying to figure out the answers. And it works most of the time. You find an addiction and you immerse yourself in it, even if you are drowning, you won’t realize, it will be peaceful and abrupt.

Many people came and many left. Some left imprints, some did not. Some made her close the book further, making her almost unreadable. Some tried opening the book and failed. Some successfully opened it but didn’t want to read what was inside. Some read it and failed to understand. Some understood, but did not stay. And for her, she always managed to escape.

Running away is always better than accepting, accepting that there are some people who will stay even after leaving, that some people have left even though they assure that they are here. She finds a fix. She would immerse herself in her work, not only because she loves it, but because it suspends her emotions. She can delay what she feels at the moment and probably escape unhurt. That’s what she thinks. What she doesn’t realize is that solely will become the cause of her suffering. If not now, some distant day.

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