To love with all your heart
Is to create a space to let the other live
But how much is too much
And how little is too little
And when must you forgive?

Should you hold tight
The string that attaches you
Or should you let it loose
If it comes to balancing
What should you choose?

From what I’ve known of love
I think You do it with all your heart
And while you keep yourself intact
You must not let them part
And the only way to love is
To not break them in loving
Also in the process of saving them
You must keep yourself from breaking.


If you fear you will disappear

He asks me
what will stay of him when he leaves
there are just a few moments
we shared for a time brief
that he will fade out
like the drafts that disappear before me
crushed and crumpled
to never be seen

I keep quiet and smile
but I don’t say a word
memories will always be kept
even if they blur
and though he fears that he will disappear
with time
I will have
those rhymes
in which he will always stay.

I am sure he cannot hear
but now that I know he will stay
what if I am the one who disappears?

The thing about words

Liars, yes words can be liars,
they may betray,
often I choose to judge by actions,
as they say
they speak louder than words.

But if I may speak
for a writer
who bleeds
his heart out
when he cannot do what he wants to
he often speaks about
all that his heart wants to say
not directly though his words will convey
and for some reasons he cannot prove
that sometimes he just speaks the truth
and he doesn’t betray
he just wants you to know
all that he will never say
or something he just wants you to believe.

Make sure they stay


Look only at your goal
they said
concentrate, focus
so you don’t regret
but what about the remaining view I asked
did it not matter that much?
and what if I don’t achieve it
I won’t be left with anything as such
when so many things make up life
will only that one goal suffice?
What about my family that wants me to stay
what about those friends who helped me find my way
I might give up on them and reach that far
but in trying to admire the moon
I won’t give up on the stars
Because sometimes you mustn’t give up on what you already have
to have something you wish for
and even if you need to leave
you must make sure
they stay.

An unannounced letter

The postman called out my name
and I stared at him in disbelief
pretty sure that the letter
was not meant for me
Who would write one
when I haven’t done it ever
and yet it carried my name
and I really expected never
to receive
unannounced words from a friend
on a paper
written with a pen
even a text message or a call would do
yet she penned down
with an ink blue
and for some reasons
that letter will always stay
for the words that she wrote
she can never really say
not even today.

I can hear you

Whispers, silent confessions,
love, hate, hurt,
all that you go through
I always hear you
and while it is hard
to hold hands
at every step
where you might fall
I won’t force you
it’s your call
whether you want to hold onto me
or leave
I will be there
even if for a time brief
Whispers, untold words,
I hope I know some of it that you go through
and be assured, I will always be ready to hear you;
I can always hear you.

A letter to my future self

I hope you are a person
better than yesterday,
I hope you live the dreams I see now,
I hope you touch the skies,
yet remember to place your feet on the ground.
I hope you keep the memories vivid,
of a good moment long lost,
I hope you are ready to be a little vulnerable,
even if it comes at a cost.
I hope you learn to melt
and put up a smiling face,
Fight valiantly,
and when defeated, lose with grace.
I hope you sing and dance
and be a little quiet sometimes,
I hope you win over with love
or with some imperfect rhymes.
I hope you are a person
better than yesterday
and prepared for tomorrow,
live through life with a smile
even in sorrow.

The logic of love


Logic, logic I tried to find,
to explain the equation,
Prove LHS = RHS,
it said in the question.
Little did they realize,
some logic must not be proved,
in the matters of heart,
we tend to confuse
when we try to find explanations sound,
because only when logic is eliminated,
and emotion still resides,
that is when love is found.