I was never rewarded for the truth

They served lies, harmless,
but hindering the growth
They were nice to hear
Than the truth
That reflected the naked self
Highlighting the faults in all glory
While it was done with a purpose to make them learn
It didn’t make for a pleasing story
And while honesty was said to be the best policy
They didn’t love me for it
But I couldn’t serve them lies
And deepen their pits.



A few steps I took forward
But sometimes I had to retreat
I wanted success
But not at the cost of defeat
I wasn’t ready to lose what I had
But I needed what wasn’t already mine
I counted people as possessions
Thinking they will last and I’ll be fine
I gained, I lost
Few stayed, few chose to quit
But they tell me there will be a reward at the end of this road
depending on how much life I give for it.

A day away from reality

Give me a day, a day away from reality
So I can follow my heart without having it broken
and for once, live fully.

I hope for the moment that binds me to itself
and keeps me close
to everything I hold dear
give me that one moment
where there is no fear
of losing anything that I have
anything I don’t want to lose
let me have that moment
the one moment I choose
the one moment you cannot take away from me.

You never learn, do you?


Lessons learnt, chapter closed,
The heart promised.
While the head knew
The lesson was short lived.

How could the heart conceal?
It was such a terrible liar
Looking out, seeking love
At one sight, set on fire.

“Enough wandering”, mind said
Now will you return?
The heart laid at lover’s doorstep
For one look it yearned.

The mind decided
To leave it alone
Thinking that once it’s broken
It will return home.

Not knowing
That it cannot be tied
How could it cage a bird
Who knew how to fly.


You come alone and you go alone, they say
And I agree
But even though I understand it
I never feel free
Because there are traces of people
Traces of people I carry
Traces of all those I ever met
Stay with me
And as much as I want them
To leave
They stay
Even when they are not here today.

The wrong kind of love

Vows, promises,
we held hands through all of it
I assured that I loved him
but words, words must not be trusted
because I remember what I once said
that I would always be happy in his happiness
empty words they were
and empty ones are good as dead.

I said I loved him
that all I want in life is to see him smile
if not me, someone else must come
to share his lows and highs.

But now, when he has left me
I want him to feel some pain
I want him to feel damaged
and to never be loved back again.

One of the hardest thing you will have to do

I broke an arm when I was young
and I asked my mother if it will heal
she told me it was just a temporary phase
she was right, little did I feel.

They took my toy, beat me up,
My father wiped away my tears
I asked him if I will get that toy back
he promised to buy me one
if I could shed my fears.

I failed a test
and was scared to look my teacher in the eye
She told me that if I practice
I will be alright.

And then I grew up and fell in love
but he fell out
This time, when I asked people
they couldn’t clear my doubts.

So I went back to mother
because somehow every time I was given hopes to strive
and she told me it is always the hardest
to grieve for the loss of someone
who is still alive.

Love comes in different shapes and sizes

Each heart was the size of a palm
but few were empty rooms
and few were filled
I needed to find the perfect piece
that will fit
into the little space I had in my heart
where I was ready to accommodate
and though I had very little to give
he had a lot of space
Though each heart was the size of a palm
even the shapes were same
but some were empty, some were filled
some were not yet ready to take the pain
People told me love will last
if shapes and sizes match
I knew it wasn’t right
when they said that
because your heart has a size
that you wish to keep
and shape will change
when two hearts fuse
it is on you to give them a part
a part that you choose
and they are ready to take.