She knew who loved her the most

The eldest child called out
‘Mama, I need my ironed clothes,
I am running late’
So the mother handed her the uniform
Kissed her on her cheek
‘I love you mama’
A statement was made
Youngest asked for breakfast
Shouting and screaming because he was hungry
‘I love you mom’ said the kid
Eating, no longer hangry.
The middle one came along
And saw his mother doing her daily chores
He didn’t say I love you
But he made sure
To lend a helping hand
And that too with a smile
Lessening her burden
His job was worthwhile.
‘Good night’ said the three kids
‘We love you’, two did boast
But the mother knew
Which one loved her the most.


Always leave people better than you found them

Love is a medium, allowing space for two people to pour themselves,
Giving enough freedom, to allow hearts to melt,
without being held a hostage,
possessing​ lover’s knowledge,
and making them fill the gaps of their past,
by creating for them new pictures,
filling their crevices and ruptures,
not mending, but healing with a tender touch,
letting go if need be, or else clutch.

To love is to be a well of affection,
to know when to stand tall, when to bend,
and leaving people better,
better than you found them.

Never let me go

Give man a mask to wear, so he can say the truth,
Man is a terrible liar,
His words far from sooth,
In the hidden caves of his heart,
He has buried a secret,
He doesn’t want you to reach there,
If you have made the closest,
To those fears he has kept inside,
Before you become his weakness,
He will let you slide,
Slip through his fingers,
So you never know,
That all he ever wanted to say was,
“Never let me go”.

It is the courage to continue that counts

Walk, walk with your head held high,
In the face of all aridity,
I know you feel weak,
And it will last for a while,
Let not the baggage weigh you down,
Untie it and let go,
All that matters will never hold you back,
It will help you to go with the flow,
And when at the end of the day,
You feel lonely in your fight,
Remember, in the face of all aridity,
If you can smile,
You will always walk with your head, held high.

Do not let words overshadow your love

Words, words are necessary,
To fill the gaps,
To be poured into hearts that are hollow,
They might be our deepest truths,
Or shallow,
But it is not necessary
To always fill silence,
With words,
For It overshadows,
Your love
Which can speak volumes,
Without a word escaping from your mouth,
And though words are necessary,
They are not everything,
Love is about.