The fault in our stars

For a moment, your hands were locked with mine
Our eyes were stuck with a starry gaze
We were infinite in that moment
Hearts set on fire, ablaze
The next thing I remember
You were no longer mine
I was once again a broken fragment
With pieces of you, that echoed in rhymes
The only way to keep you intact was through words
Even when you were far
There were something’s I could fix
But not the fault in our stars.



What matters most?
To live my life with purpose in mind
To carve my name in stone?
Or should I spend it with someone
I love the most
I do not know if my ambitions will take flight
Or even if I am on the correct path
I do not know where my journey will lead me
I do not know if love will last
And when I stand on the crossroad
Where love and ambitions meet
I do not know to whom I will extend my hand
I do not know what I seek
Is there any intersection where I will find both?

Certainties uncertainties

There are dreams lying dormant
Deep in the caverns of my heart
I don’t know if they will ever see the light
For now, they rest in dark
Those are the dreams born out of uncertainties
But there are some I want to turn certain
For there are things I know that will slip through my fingers
But I want to choose what remains
If anything remains at all.

Castle of glass

There was a huge castle of glass
of which I was a tiny fragment
It didn’t matter where I was
in that glass
it cracked
because when it did
pieces fell on the floor
I came under someone’s feet
and it hurt them
and then some more
It took a while
to take me out and throw me away
but even when I was gone
I stayed,
I stayed as a scar.


I held some sand
so it doesn’t slip from my hand
and it continued to fall away
and mix up with sand
that fell from someone else’s hand
and when finally it all slipped out
I couldn’t separate it nor find
I guess
it was no longer mine.

He found you lost and guided you

My God was Allah
when I knelt down
asking him to fulfill my wish
and he gave me
all I needed as a fix.

My God was Jesus
when I lit the candle
and asked him to hold my hand
while I traversed the lonely path
He gave me hope
told me I will last.

My God was the man
who saved me from falling
when I decided to give up my life
he held me near
told me that he will stay
and take away my fears.

My God was the woman
who gave me food
I didn’t starve anymore
she made sure I went full.

My religion told me
there was only one God
but it was only later I knew
that your God was anyone
who found you lost
and guided you.