Don’t lose your spark

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I know you started out with a dream
and you tried to turn it into reality
your dream died while competing with many other dreams
but do not lose your spark.

I know now that your dream has died
it must hurt
but whatever happens, build your dream again
and do not lose your spark.

It may take a day
or years
to see your dream where you want to see it
keep working
do not lose your spark.

Many dreams will come
many will go
a few will live
many will die
but remember if your dream can make even
one face smile
for that one smile
do not lose your spark.


Mom, you read me fairy tales, reality is different

If a poet(ess) loves you, you won't die


I still remember how Cinderella accidentally left her shoe
and how I prayed silently for her to be united with her lover
And I still have fresh memories of Snow White
a story that told me that love conquers all
even death sometimes.
I grew up with these fairy tales mother
the tales that you read to me
and you said there is always
some beauty
hidden in the darkest of times.

Mother, I don’t blame you
but when you used to read me those fairy tales
you made me have faith;
faith in the fact that everything will be alright
that magic exists
and it can work in the strangest of ways.

Today when reality stands in front of me
I am hung between the facts and fantasies
I am trying to push myself over to the other side
but my heart is still stuck
at the point

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