Mom, you read me fairy tales, reality is different

If a poet(ess) loves you, you won't die


I still remember how Cinderella accidentally left her shoe
and how I prayed silently for her to be united with her lover
And I still have fresh memories of Snow White
a story that told me that love conquers all
even death sometimes.
I grew up with these fairy tales mother
the tales that you read to me
and you said there is always
some beauty
hidden in the darkest of times.

Mother, I don’t blame you
but when you used to read me those fairy tales
you made me have faith;
faith in the fact that everything will be alright
that magic exists
and it can work in the strangest of ways.

Today when reality stands in front of me
I am hung between the facts and fantasies
I am trying to push myself over to the other side
but my heart is still stuck
at the point

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