Will dark drive out the dark?


When you are feeling lost
and there seems no hope
you don’t get answers from inside
and there is none outside that can help you cope.

When their darkness is starting to match yours’ frequency
and there is resonance
everything may collapse
once you slip into helplessness.

You stand there hoping for dark to drive out the dark
simply not seeing that it won’t be alright
their darkness can never drive out your darkness
it is time you find your light

and your light should be so greater
than their darkness combined
that it just doesn’t heal you
even their darkness sublimes.


Burning the boats


I stand on the riverside
and I see multiple islands
and also multiple boats
Having the privilege of choice
there are many that I can board
and also come back to
where I started from
I will still have the same silver spoon
they once put in my mouth.

There is an island of passion
one of responsibility
then there are many more
of various dreams that I see.

Having the privilege of choice
I know I can always come back to where I started from
but as the years pass
I get a feeling, strong
that of all the boats that I will take
based on my journey
my future will shape
so even when I am blessed with the privilege of choice
I wish to step back for a moment
listen to my own voice
and for once
take only one boat
and burn it down when I reach the other side
and somehow
make it all right.

Everything’s gonna be alright

Yes, you wanted that job real bad
and you are still hoping for that dream to come true
and it hasn’t happened yet.

Yes, you expected happiness after all that sorrow
and you have been struggling hard to find happiness
and it hasn’t found its way yet.

Yes, you tried your best
you have failed and you are waiting for success
and it is nowhere to be seen.

Yes, you are a bit tired now
you want to have all those things you wanted
and they are still miles away from you.

Yes, it does seem that there is no hope
that it is dark all the way
and that light won’t be found.

When you are faced with such times
remember that light will always find its way
if you are willing to look for it.

If you are ready to bear the light
after staying so long in the dark
light will come to you
and it will hurt for a while
but everything’s gonna be alright.