Will it, will it not?

They tell me to have patience
With all that is unresolved in the heart
Now that it’s been quite some time
And I am not yet sure of whether it stays or part
I look around and see things working
In the blink of an eye
And I keep wondering
When will this uncertainty wave goodbye
I still keep patience
And I try to figure out
Will it be mine
Or will it not?


Who am I in the world?

The world kept looking for meaning
Shouting “Who am I, who am I?”
In a never ending quest of who they were
They tried
To try and find some reason for their existence
They continuously fought
While I simply tried and found
What I was not.

Build a wall around your fears

Fears, they exist in the deepest caverns of the heart
even though they remain unseen
they stay, never part
And while they are tearing you apart
little by little
Others do not deserve a share of your woe
Build a wall around your fears
take it slow
and once you have separated your tsunami
from their land
you can save them from devastation
but remember you must build your own walls.

Weakness or strength

When you stand on a road that will diverge into two
and you have to make a choice
will you wear a mask of false strength
and rejoice
while dying inside?

When you stand on that road
and you don’t want to be standing there
will you laugh it out
or tell the truth
that you are scared?

When you stand on that road
and your legs are shivering
will you still manage to run
even if you don’t want to?

When you stand on that road
and you have to make that choice
what will you do?

TheĀ unspoken

Love, it wasn’t those carvings in the wall
Where you just make a heart
And put your names in it
And do a strikethrough.

Love, it wasn’t so much in the action inside the sheets
Or even the meeting of lips.

Love, it was in waiting,
It was in caring
It was also in cooking food
It was in supporting
Sometimes it was in talking
And other times it was in silence
It was there in bearing the unbearable
It was in trusting when hopes were feeble.

Love, it wasn’t in falling into it
But in growing old together.

Wandering and home

I’m wandering amidst the possibilities
Betting that my dreams will shape
While I am trying to build
I try to ensure that when I fall back
I have a strong base
When I am done abd dusted
From the failures and successes
All I want is to find my way back home
The home where my heart lies.


Life is mostly about
paying bills and dying
cooking, lots of it,
eating, crying
it is also a lot about dreams
seeing them and flying
and sometimes landing flat on your face
while trying
but then I would be lying
if I do not give enough credit
to those occupying
the space in my heart
the ones I return to after trying
and the ones who accept me whether I succeed or fail.