Carry your world (Part 2)

It is easier said than done
and maybe I will fail at it
but my wish is to carry your world
so it is lit
with a part of my light.

I wish to carry your world
in my arms
I am somehow trying to balance my own
but I am sure
even though there are some miles to traverse
I will reach a point
where arms are strong
enough to hold your life in my arms
while I also carry mine.

Allow me to carry your world
allow me to hold your hand
this one time.


The value of some people

For men may come and men may go,
But I go on forever.
~The Brook, Alfred Lord Tennyson

If ever you are confused
between letting go and holding on
remember life will continue
it will move on
with or without people
that is the rule of life
but when in doubt
look inside
and while you know that life will go on
with or without people
but will that life be as beautiful
as it is with them now?
If your answer is no
remember to not let go easily
hold on, hold on
slowly and steadily
let them flow into your life
and once they have entered
do not lock them inside
you know you will always come back to them
and they will always come back to you
so slowly and steadily
let them enter
let them enter and fill every crevice
life will go on with or without them
but will it be a beautiful life
you decide.

Never stop learning

In the most golden of hours
In the darkest of times
don’t stop learning.

Even when you have tried hard
and you aren’t succeeding
don’t stop learning.

Even when you are waiting for that one breakthrough
and you are nowhere near it
don’t stop learning.

Even when life throws failure
and you are struggling hard to fight
don’t stop learning.

Even if your work is being appreciated
stay grounded
don’t stop learning
Never stop learning.


Out beyond the good and bad
Right and wrong
There is a love
So strong
That it will always keep its arms open for you
And hands will be free to hold
Come back to me
Come back, I am already sold
To your love
To all that makes you
Let’s build a beautiful life together.

The tree that bends

I was given a choice
Between telling the truth
And keeping a friend
My mother taught me
Stronger is the tree that bends
I never knew the depth of this statement
Until i was faced with this choice
So i chose to keep quiet
Ignore the voice
I saved a friend that day
It was one of the best decisions
Words can break the closest of bonds
So hold your tongue
For a good reason.

How much a heart can hold

It may be the size of a fist
but it is filled with a universe of love
overflowing emotions, care, concern
silently waiting for the lover
through the crests and troughs
There is only one wish
that the lover enters the gate of the heart
and lock it from inside
so we stay there
spend our life
eventually turn old
and while every poet has tried his best
none can tell
how much a heart can hold.

Your guide to booking an Ola Cab (India)

I am a long time user of Olacabs. It makes me feel that it is my duty to make people aware of certain things especially when they are booking a cab for the first time and don’t know much.

1. Since India is going cashless, it is advisable that you keep your Ola wallet recharged before doing a booking. This will save you a lot of pain. So before you make a booking, always check the Ola money balance first. You can check the same by going to the Ola money option.

2. When you launch the Ola app, the first thing it does is to detect your pin location. Make sure that your location is correct. The drivers face a lot of problems in case you forget to check the location. In shared cabs, it is highly possible that your time will run out and the booking will get cancelled if you haven’t put the right location.

Ola Share
1. Always make sure that you contact the driver within 2-3 minutes of doing the booking. It is generally difficult for them to call every person who does the booking. In a normal scenario, they will definitely call you but it is better that you do it yourself.

2. In Ola Share, there is waiting time. It is usually not more than 3-4 minutes. So once you do the booking, it is good to keep a track of your cab. Once you know that it is about to reach your location, please come out of your office/home so people sitting inside the car don’t have to wait and the booking also doesn’t get cancelled.

——————Ola Share Pass ———————————————-

If you use Ola share on a regular basis, there are various Ola share pass options. You can purchase them by going to the Ola Share Pass option in the menu tab. These passes can help you save a considerable amount of money. So utilise them while they are still available.

Micro, Mini, Prime etc
These are basically cars ranging from normal to luxury. The difference between them is in the price: micro being the cheapest, next comes mini and then prime. It is good to do the booking according to your needs. If you don’t want to pay too much, opt for Micro.

PS: I will keep updating this list as more things come to my mind. For now, these should work.

My Ramblings on Lakshya (movie)

After having attended a workshop on screenwriting, cinema makes more sense to me now. And because I believe in the prior statement, I am going to attempt a tribute to a beautifully written movie which didn’t become a blockbuster but deserves a place in our hearts. Today, let’s talk about Lakshya.


Lakshya is the journey of a man named Karan Shergill who starts from being someone who says “main aisa kyun hu” to finally finding his goal and accomplishing it. The story also revolves around his conflicted love relationship but we will come to that later.

Journey of self-realisation
Many of us are on the quest to find the reason behind our existence and give a meaning to our life. While it is true that only some of us realise our true goal, it is wrong to diminish the importance of those who spend their lives in the pursuit of finding a goal but fail in it.

Karan Shergill, a pampered boy, from a good monetary background is fine with his meaningless life until one day he realises that he too must have a goal. Whether it is peer pressure or parental pressure that makes him question his identity, it works well for him. He decides to join Army hence finding his true Lakshya.

But the inspiration wears off when he joins the Indian Military Academy. The realisation is quick and he heads back home where he meets his father who has always known that Karan is good for nothing and is happy to know that his opinion of him is still intact *bad parenting signs*

However, it doesn’t break Karan’s heart. It takes a romantic love relationship for his heart to finally feel shattered. Romi, his girlfriend, refuses to see him again when she realises that he has quit his training at IMA and is back home. That’s where cinema comes in. Romi didn’t have to leave Karan, he could have still accomplished his goal but without a good drama, you cannot create catharsis. It is the catharsis of heartbreak that motivates Karan to accomplish what he set out for. Either that or ego, I am not so sure.



Whatever it is that drives Karan, he joins back IMA and successfully completes his training. All this while, Romi is in his heart. So when Karan becomes Lieutenant Karan Shergill, he calls her. The motive isn’t to boast about becoming a Lieutenant but to reach out to her. This is where cinema steps in again. When they could easily reconcile, cinema highlights how the barrier of communication can give rise to conflicts where they shouldn’t even exist. Both of them love each other but the script should go far enough to depict what breaks important relationships. It helps us learn a valuable lesson. There are some points in life when effective communication can save precious relationships but we destroy them because we want to have the control.

This is one of the most beautiful aspects of Lakshya, both Karan and Romi are driven by their passion. They exhibit fearlessness when it comes to the pursuit of goals. Both are equal. However, both are flawed. They fail to realise that their pride, while it keeps them equal, kills their bond. I do not intend to say that Romi shouldn’t have taken the call to break up with him, no. But at a time when both could reconcile, their ego clash stops them from being together.

Some would say that it is futile to discuss relationships when the movie revolves around self-realisation. But I would beg to differ. Love is the most human element in our lives that gives us contentment. Many studies have proven time and again that despite huge wealth, successful jobs, people are unhappy because they do not have loving relationships. While a loving relationship doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic one, in this movie, it plays a significant role in how Karan’s future shapes out. Romi was already self-driven but for Karan, it took Romi’s loss to realise his goals. Reality can be different. You don’t have to lose someone to find your ambition.

In a fight between the two countries, India and Pakistan, many people lose their lives. In this art of storytelling, the writer has created the pain of loss to make the story relatable. As an audience, I wouldn’t connect with it if I couldn’t feel their pain. I can feel it because they have strung the chords of my heart. I connect with it because I also know how loss feels like.

Coming back to Karan and Romi, both the main characters evolve and grow individually without falling out of each other’s lives. Destiny brings them together slowly and steadily. They did not have to fall apart in the first place but that’s cinema for you.

This one movie leaves us with memorable characters. We will always remember┬áKaran (Hrithik) for his journey, Romi (Preity Zinta) for her fearlessness, (Sub. Maj. Pritam Singh) Om Puri for his thoughts on war and peace, Karan’s father (Boman Irani) for bad parenting goals.

The movie creates catharsis at different points. The first one (catharsis of pain) is when Karan gets his heart broken, the second one (catharsis of pride) is when Karan completes his training, the third one (catharsis of sorrow) is when he comes back only to find Romi engaged to someone else, the fourth one (catharsis of ego) is when they can reconcile but have an ego clash, the fifth one (catharsis of loss) is when people die in the battleground, the sixth one (catharsis of joy) is when Karan completes the final mission and places the victorious Indian flag on the winning ground.

At the end of it all awaits a beautiful life with Romi.