Child, do not feel so broken
there is both light and dark inside of us
and while the world is torn by war and hatred
make sure your light shines through.

They will try to evade your light with darkness
and keep on telling that you are a failure
remember only one thing then
gather all your light
and make sure it shines through
even if you are consumed by darkness one day
you wouldn’t have gone without a fight
their dark will not evade the light
that is left in you
even if it is a small flicker
do not let it die
your light should be greater than their darkness combined.


When you have failed

In the chase of your dreams, you will get bruised
your honour will be trampled in the sewer of baser minds
your dreams will break and shatter in front of your eyes
you will not always succeed
for failure is bound to come
and if in such times
someone is able to stand by you
if someone is able to stand by you
when you have failed
never let them go.

Moment of magic

We all are
silently waiting
for that one moment of magic
where our lives will be like
we see in our dreams
We all are
silently waiting
for that one moment of magic
where our lives will be entwined
with the ones we love
We all are waiting
for that one moment of magic
which will take our breath away
and take us to a beautiful world
We all are
silently waiting
praying in our hearts
that the world unfolds
the way we want it
and yet we are just here
for the one small moment of magic
that may or not arrive
but in hope of it
we will survive
another day.


That day a good man died
When he lost the fight
And there stood many people
Claiming sides
One held in his hand
A green cloth for his body
One held a flag of a country
One held a cross sign
Each of them claiming
That this man was on their side
But what they didn’t realise was
That day a good man died
Neither a hindu
Nor a muslim
Nor a christian
That day
A good man died.


There stood in front of me
Several Gods
God of money
God of power
God of lust
God of greed
God of love
And I was confused
For I couldn’t trust
One God enough
To drive me through life
I certainly needed more than one God
To survive
So when I was poor
I made money my God
And it helped me through
Then I made love my God
To survive the blues
I made power my God
When the world around me was dying
Then I chose lust
For it was satisfying
There was one God that stood with me all along
And I worship only that God
Even when I know
I could be really wrong.

Choices we make

There is dark and light inside of us
But what defines who we are
I can choose to believe in the light
Or follow the dark
I can make power or greed or lust my God
Or I can choose to melt for a small emotion
I can choose to hold on to my beliefs
Or let them shun
I can choose to be an asshole
Like several others out there
I have been given a choice
A choice fair
And what happens to me in the end
Is the same, there’s nothing I will take
All our lives are defined by who we are
And the choices we make.

Never the same

It will be a fleeting moment
that will pass in a jiffy
but it will change you
and even though it passes quickly
it will cause a catharsis
it will break you, shatter all your faith
and while you would not want to accept it
it will break
and cast you into something new
it might be a revelation
the moment of truth
and it will change you in a way
that you may not be handle to take the flame
it will burn, hurt and break you
you will never be the same


You will never have a success so big
That it fulfills
The rest of your life
You will always be waiting
For the next moment of happiness
Or success
And in this complicated mess
Of the never ending pursuit
Of waiting for the right moments to arrive
You will often miss out on life
And the little pleasures that it is giving you
For you were too focused
On seeing yourself somewhere
5 years from now.