Create something that outlasts you

Darling, there is music in you
there is a lot of sunshine
do not restrict yourself
to mere rhymes
you are born to fly
you are born to touch the stars
heal, learn, climb
grow through the scars
you are born to uplift
and make others fly too
use up the music
and create something that outlasts you.


Hard to say goodbye

Every time I meet him
my eyes want to hold him a little longer
my hands want to hold him a little tighter
my heart wants to sync with his
nothing is more beautiful than this
that he makes saying goodbye so hard
every time I meet him.

Give me the privilege of fearlessly loving you

I know you don’t entirely belong to me
and I wouldn’t want to tie you down with love
but dear o dear
believe me, trust
that I can hold your world intact
and keep that smile on your face forever
I will hold you close to my heart
and never
leave your side.

Dear o dear
give me the privilege of fearlessly loving you
we need labels
so there is only one place we can call home
not two.

Lower your guard

Open your doors
Let me in
I have been waiting
To drench you in my love
Lower your guard
For once
Spill all your inner demons
My world is waiting for your world
It has already made a place for you
Come now
Allow my dreams to come true
Seal this bond we share
So we can spend our lives

Mature yet childlike

My love can accommodate his world
I am capable to carry it for him
It is a kind of love I have never felt
the love that I feel for him
is mature yet childlike
I am overjoyed when my eyes are able to hold his presence
and while he is always there in me
it is catharsis I experience
not because his lips can finally meet mine
not because his hands can slide against my body
but for the mere fact that he is there
and my eyes can hold him
even if for a brief moment.

A sincere longing

He is a part of my soul
even when I am not looking for him
I am able to find his traces
He is in the sun that shines on me
and provides me relief
He is in the rain that has drenched me
and stirred my soul
he is in the night
singing lullabies
he is in the morning
welcoming me to a new day
he is in each and every song I hear
he is here to stay.

He is a part of my soul
even when I am not looking for him
I will still find him.

You question my love?

I am often accused of lying
they tell me it is easier to woo someone with words
than to actually love them
but I beg to differ.

When they questioned the depth of my love
I told them there was none
who could love more than me.

Stunned, they spilled all their weapons
one said they had wealth to keep their lover happy
one said they had their body
to satisfy the lust
one said they had the power to bring the whole world to lover’s feet
each one saying
that their love was deep.

I offered them my pen
to write a verse
if they felt so much love
for the lover
why couldn’t they fit it into mere lines?

They tried hard
each one of them trying to rhyme
none of the verses sounded fine.

I wrote my verse
my hands scattered words across the paper with ease
was I trying to please
my lover?

Yes, the love isn’t in words
yes, I cannot love my lover
with a verse
yes, I cannot offer my lover with power or money
but I could love my lover
in times of tragedy
I could love my lover
when the lover was not so lovable
I could love my lover
when I couldn’t even love myself
I could love my lover
when my remaining world was falling apart.

You question my love
just because I have words
and you don’t?

I have the power of love
and words in my hand
what do you have?

It is not your day yet

Whether you were waiting for that glory
or for that one moment that will sweep you off your feet
it hasn’t yet arrived.

Have you wondered if you will be fine
if it never comes
have you wondered if what you want
never happens.

While you have waited for a while
that moment has just not arrived
you have worked hard
I can see the sweat
But dear o dear
It is not your day
not yet.