The Kid Who Ran For President

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Coding, trying to fix a bug
knowing I would need some help
but I knew she sits just behind me
so I won’t have to yell
or turn around
just simply keep looking into my screen and ask
what actually is the task
so I did the same
only that I did not hear a reply
so I repeated in a louder tone
giving it another try
but then I turned around to see
why she was not replying
only to find
that she was missing.

Young and reckless

A dream fails
But you can dream another
And sometimes give up
And be drunk on alcohol rather.
You can skydive
You can run
You can leave the world behind
And travel.
You can let go of
The job that sulks
You can blow away
All you’ve made
If that fades away the lull.
You can dream
The impossible dream
You can always try
Until age dawns on you
And youth passes by.
It will drive you mad
To be so unsure
Facing a crisis every other day
And not finding the cure.
You can make it all happen
And drink away the stress
It’s not so bad after all
To be young and reckless
I guess.

Fat cells come, fat cells stay

All I ever did in life
Was to lock myself up in the room
And get lost
Into the world of books
And I would constantly worry
About the fat cells that came
Never leaving
And it stayed the same
Way until one day
I was weighed on the scale
Felt a little ashamed
So I tried everything
From my favorite hobby
To walking
And I’ve only realised
Its such a pain
To eliminate all the weight I have gained
Will there ever come a time
When I shall change
And not be the same?

When I don’t like it at home

Home is one place I love staying in
Away from the world, disconnected
Learning and attempting things new
Without anyone having a clue
About the restless mind I keep
Frantically exploring,
In chaos finding my peace
But there’s some construction going on
And it is all dust I breathe
Already tired of weekly woes
Trying hard to keep
My patience intact
Now all I need is to do
Is to run away
Before I kill someone
Better not to to stay home today.