Who am I in the world?

The world kept looking for meaning
Shouting “Who am I, who am I?”
In a never ending quest of who they were
They tried
To try and find some reason for their existence
They continuously fought
While I simply tried and found
What I was not.


Everything’s gonna be alright

Yes, you wanted that job real bad
and you are still hoping for that dream to come true
and it hasn’t happened yet.

Yes, you expected happiness after all that sorrow
and you have been struggling hard to find happiness
and it hasn’t found its way yet.

Yes, you tried your best
you have failed and you are waiting for success
and it is nowhere to be seen.

Yes, you are a bit tired now
you want to have all those things you wanted
and they are still miles away from you.

Yes, it does seem that there is no hope
that it is dark all the way
and that light won’t be found.

When you are faced with such times
remember that light will always find its way
if you are willing to look for it.

If you are ready to bear the light
after staying so long in the dark
light will come to you
and it will hurt for a while
but everything’s gonna be alright.

When you are tired of being strongĀ 

It was a long time ago
When she shielded her heart
Broken a little by her present
A little by her past
And she learned to act strong
In the face of adversity
So much that
She never lived fully
When the good days arrived
She doubted the bad it will bring
But in aridity
She learned to sing
One day someone left her again
Knowing that she was strong
So she could cope
Never did she feel so broken
Devoid of hope
Than when her strength finally broke her!

The fault in our stars

For a moment, your hands were locked with mine
Our eyes were stuck with a starry gaze
We were infinite in that moment
Hearts set on fire, ablaze
The next thing I remember
You were no longer mine
I was once again a broken fragment
With pieces of you, that echoed in rhymes
The only way to keep you intact was through words
Even when you were far
There were something’s I could fix
But not the fault in our stars.


What matters most?
To live my life with purpose in mind
To carve my name in stone?
Or should I spend it with someone
I love the most
I do not know if my ambitions will take flight
Or even if I am on the correct path
I do not know where my journey will lead me
I do not know if love will last
And when I stand on the crossroad
Where love and ambitions meet
I do not know to whom I will extend my hand
I do not know what I seek
Is there any intersection where I will find both?

Certainties uncertainties

There are dreams lying dormant
Deep in the caverns of my heart
I don’t know if they will ever see the light
For now, they rest in dark
Those are the dreams born out of uncertainties
But there are some I want to turn certain
For there are things I know that will slip through my fingers
But I want to choose what remains
If anything remains at all.

The value of anything

I bought a book
In exchange for some money
It helped me live through rainy days
As well as sunny
But a day arrived
When I misplaced it on a trip
And well it could still be replaced
Buy the same title, everything is fixed.
However that was not the case with people
They don’t come with price tags
You can’t just replace one with the other
They’re not a passing fad.
Every thing will eventually go
Be it a book or a moment you try to seize
But the value of anything won’t be the price tag
But how you do without it
Think how you will do without it
When it leaves.


I stretched out my hand
Hoping a hand will hold mine
And thus comfort me
Not knowing that my expectation
Was the biggest tragedy
Even a leaf of my favorite book
Could heal my heart
Or the lyrics of some song
Could help me restart
My happiness was even in that sunrise
But I chose to believe
Only one side
The side that looked for another hand
To hold mine.