A fleeting moment
Tormented my soul
For it made me realize
That I was alone
In the pursuit of equality
That the world said it was already giving me
While I stood there
A slave to their wishes
And my own.

A fleeting moment
Tormented my soul
For they told me the longer I hold
My hands
The more it starts to look like begging.

A fleeting moment
Tormented my soul
For I no longer could carry on
With their expectations
Or my own.

A fleeting moment
Tormented my soul
And I no longer want to walk with grace
Because now I feel defeated and broken
On the inside.


The Bride

As I look at the bride
I feel an urge
I too want to feel safe
in the comfort of a label.

As I look at the bride
I find in me those emotions
that I have locked away safely
but they seem to be pouring down my eyes
because I feel the urge
to not remain a stranger to his world anymore.

As I look at the bride
I crave for that contentment
I also want to be officially sealed with love
they say it doesn’t matter
but deep down they know it does.

As I look at the bride
I feel helpless
I cannot stop thinking about when that moment will come.

As I look at the bride
I wonder if she too went through
the same emotions.

As I look at the bride
I realise the presence of that void inside
which I have been covering up with false strength.

As I look at her
I realise that
I want something
I want it so much.

Spending life with him

Ever since he has entered the heart
Life hasn’t been the same
There are so many memories we have created together
Some written under sun, some drenched in rain
It hasn’t been a completely smooth ride
We have had our ups and downs
Our love grew through the thick and thin
And seeped into us, becoming an emotion so profound
There is an endless river of love that flows from the heart
A flow that is unstoppable
When you know you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody
You want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

Invisible threads

It ties me and him
An invisible thread of love
Bonding our hearts
This one thread is enough
To hold us onto each other
Whether near or far
We do not need to be each other’s
Moon or stars
He is he
And we are tied by a thread
A thread that’s fragile
But strong enough to hold our love
And yet let us fly to the skies
Without ever getting broken

The fault in our stars

For a moment, your hands were locked with mine
Our eyes were stuck with a starry gaze
We were infinite in that moment
Hearts set on fire, ablaze
The next thing I remember
You were no longer mine
I was once again a broken fragment
With pieces of you, that echoed in rhymes
The only way to keep you intact was through words
Even when you were far
There were something’s I could fix
But not the fault in our stars.

Dear heart, cry, but never break

Once upon a time,
I was gifted a box full of darkness
by someone, I loved the most,
and the gift stayed with me
in the form of memories;
a memory ghost.

It haunted me for a long time
until my love sublimed,
love I thought it was
so wasn’t it meant to last?

Too late it was when I learned,
that love can’t save you from dying,
but yes, it should mend you,
and at worst, only leave you crying,
without letting your heart break.


To love with all your heart
Is to create a space to let the other live
But how much is too much
And how little is too little
And when must you forgive?

Should you hold tight
The string that attaches you
Or should you let it loose
If it comes to balancing
What should you choose?

From what I’ve known of love
I think You do it with all your heart
And while you keep yourself intact
You must not let them part
And the only way to love is
To not break them in loving
Also in the process of saving them
You must keep yourself from breaking.

The logic of love


Logic, logic I tried to find,
to explain the equation,
Prove LHS = RHS,
it said in the question.
Little did they realize,
some logic must not be proved,
in the matters of heart,
we tend to confuse
when we try to find explanations sound,
because only when logic is eliminated,
and emotion still resides,
that is when love is found.