The Bride

As I look at the bride
I feel an urge
I too want to feel safe
in the comfort of a label.

As I look at the bride
I find in me those emotions
that I have locked away safely
but they seem to be pouring down my eyes
because I feel the urge
to not remain a stranger to his world anymore.

As I look at the bride
I crave for that contentment
I also want to be officially sealed with love
they say it doesn’t matter
but deep down they know it does.

As I look at the bride
I feel helpless
I cannot stop thinking about when that moment will come.

As I look at the bride
I wonder if she too went through
the same emotions.

As I look at the bride
I realise the presence of that void inside
which I have been covering up with false strength.

As I look at her
I realise that
I want something
I want it so much.


An ode to the Bluebird

Image result for bluebird by charles bukowski

There’s a bluebird in my heart too
that doesn’t stay quiet.
and shows up
When I want it to stay inside
I do not pour whiskey, but wine,
but it shows anyway.

There’s a bluebird in my heart too
that keeps on shouting and screaming.
wanting to come out,
and I tell it that I am strong yet fragile,
that it should lay there inside
so I don’t look weak.

But my bluebird doesn’t wait for the night
it starts to sing,
(see we all are not so clever)
I know it makes me look weak
but if we all kept our bluebirds to us
how will this world be?

Also if my bluebird shows up first
does that give you power over me?

That bluebird is enough to make a woman weep
and I weep,
don’t you?

When you are tired of being strong 

It was a long time ago
When she shielded her heart
Broken a little by her present
A little by her past
And she learned to act strong
In the face of adversity
So much that
She never lived fully
When the good days arrived
She doubted the bad it will bring
But in aridity
She learned to sing
One day someone left her again
Knowing that she was strong
So she could cope
Never did she feel so broken
Devoid of hope
Than when her strength finally broke her!

Certainties uncertainties

There are dreams lying dormant
Deep in the caverns of my heart
I don’t know if they will ever see the light
For now, they rest in dark
Those are the dreams born out of uncertainties
But there are some I want to turn certain
For there are things I know that will slip through my fingers
But I want to choose what remains
If anything remains at all.

You never learn, do you?


Lessons learnt, chapter closed,
The heart promised.
While the head knew
The lesson was short lived.

How could the heart conceal?
It was such a terrible liar
Looking out, seeking love
At one sight, set on fire.

“Enough wandering”, mind said
Now will you return?
The heart laid at lover’s doorstep
For one look it yearned.

The mind decided
To leave it alone
Thinking that once it’s broken
It will return home.

Not knowing
That it cannot be tied
How could it cage a bird
Who knew how to fly.


He entered the room
Dressed in Armani
Many hearts drooled
Over the grace he carried
Some would admire the way he talked
Some others loved his walk
His mannerisms too unique
Too elegant and sophisticated
Yet the other one caught my eye
A simple and decent guy
Nothing unique about him
But his genuine smile
And something so captivating
About his eyes
That I couldn’t care to look
At the one dressed in suit.

Once upon a time

When I was a little kid
My only dream was to fly
To speedily make way through the clouds
Until they told me my dream was a lie.
When I grew up a bit
My dream was to touch the stars
Until I was told I couldn’t make it
Because they were too far.
My mother would tell stories of near and far
Sometimes a little love story
I grew up seeing broken marriages
And people wanting dowry.
In my teens I decided
To find the best job
That will buy me all my favorite stuff
Until I was no longer sure.
Growing up my dreams changed
But not their ending
It was all about growing up
And learning
That not all dreams will come true
If you try hard
You can still live a few
That’s when you learn
To enjoy the little things in life
And not let the good moments pass
In the blink of an eye.

To give wings to their dreams

Every time I see an artist painting
it fuels in me a desire
to paint the blank canvas
not just color a part
but to fill in entire
so it is not left blank.
Every time I listen to a musician thumping
his drums or plucking the guitar strings
It leaves me a little awestruck
and gives wings to my dreams.
Every time I see a dancer on the floor
it sweeps me off my feet
and makes me forget about my knees sore.
Every time I read a good book
I shed my old skin
and crawl into a new one
sometimes even unlearning.
Every time someone gives wings to my dreams
I am born again
With new hopes and new dreams
I am never the same.
And I hope that when I pursue my dreams
I let someone fly
Even if it means lending my own wings to them
as long as they are ready to try.

The child inside that never dies

The utter excitement
on buying a new pencil
or a new diary
to pen down my thoughts in.
When sad, it is those old cartoons
that can make me smile
and let me shudder off
all the worries
for a little while.
Though I earn my own money
but I am happy
when I get a surprise
and it is the smallest of gifts
that make realize
that money cannot buy everything
that it is all a lie
we never really grow up
the child inside us
never really dies
and that I guess
is the best part of life.

A surprise

Once before I got a message
Saying your courier is out for delivery
Containing an iPhone
And I still wasn’t happy
Because I remembered my number was
Listed on some site
So it belonged to someone else before it came to me
And I was right.
But this time unexpected it arrived
With the courier guy calling on my phone
Asking me to collect
Something unknown
And I was in dilemma
Because he stood outside the office gates
And I kept wondering
If I was supposed to pay the rate
That the unknown item carried
But then the money was paid
And it felt great
And a little strange
Until I finally knew
It was a surprise
A surprise most wonderful of them all.