I am a star of this merciless sky

I am a star of this merciless sky
that diminishes my grandeur
and makes me appear like a tiny dot.
I am a star of this merciless sky
that hides me when it wants
and exposes me at my weakest.
I am a star of this merciless sky
when they want to look for me
It comes in my way.
I am a star of this merciless sky
it will live on
even when I die.


Noises protect me

I don’t like much talking
But i feel comfortable in the sound of others
Because all these background noises
Protect me from my innermost fears
However, when i resign to my bed
At the end of day
All alone
Silence sneaks in
Bringing with it some past hurt
And some doubts about future
There is so much silence
I can hear my heart beating
And the way it beats
Makes me sure that it is trying to tell me something
That i Don’t want to hear
It still manages to whisper to me
“What will you do darling
If all the bad that ever happened
Happens all over again?”


A fleeting moment
Tormented my soul
For it made me realize
That I was alone
In the pursuit of equality
That the world said it was already giving me
While I stood there
A slave to their wishes
And my own.

A fleeting moment
Tormented my soul
For they told me the longer I hold
My hands
The more it starts to look like begging.

A fleeting moment
Tormented my soul
For I no longer could carry on
With their expectations
Or my own.

A fleeting moment
Tormented my soul
And I no longer want to walk with grace
Because now I feel defeated and broken
On the inside.

The Bride

As I look at the bride
I feel an urge
I too want to feel safe
in the comfort of a label.

As I look at the bride
I find in me those emotions
that I have locked away safely
but they seem to be pouring down my eyes
because I feel the urge
to not remain a stranger to his world anymore.

As I look at the bride
I crave for that contentment
I also want to be officially sealed with love
they say it doesn’t matter
but deep down they know it does.

As I look at the bride
I feel helpless
I cannot stop thinking about when that moment will come.

As I look at the bride
I wonder if she too went through
the same emotions.

As I look at the bride
I realise the presence of that void inside
which I have been covering up with false strength.

As I look at her
I realise that
I want something
I want it so much.


Dragging the trolley through the market
I sifted through some things
which is when my eyes
fell upon something
I couldn’t guess what it was
there was no label on it
curious about its identity
I started googling
“shiny thing with a stick”
“stick shiny round”
the identity of it was hidden
and couldn’t be found
it didn’t hold the same value
as it would hold with a label
this thing seemed to look back at me
but I was unable
to recognise it.

It asked me “when, where and how can I find my identity”
“It is frustrating to not have an answer to this question”
let’s call you silver, I said
and end your frustration
“but what if I am gold” it whispered
“calling me silver would not give me what I deserve”
“they would not treat me as they should
“they would never know my worth”

“Do you then think we can give the right value to things without labels?”

How will you sleep tonight?

You have been living with one question
for such a long time
fitting the same fears again and again
in these few rhymes
but the vastness of this question
stands right against your face
there is nothing much you can do
but fake
you tell them you are fine
even though you don’t see an answer in sight
burdened by the expectations of tomorrow
how will you sleep tonight?

Surrender to your dreams tonight

When you aim high
your failure is bound to be as big
what matters
is what you do with it
as long as there is fight left in you
keep trying
even if you can’t see your goal
continue flying
sometimes you will feel tired
and worn out
crippled by fear
and doubt
surrender to your dreams
turn off the light
your dreams will let you survive
another day.

Beyond failure

I still remember the pride you took in your dreams
and that smile you had on your face
now you are robbed of all that pride
of that smile, there is no trace
a tsunami of failure has evaded your land
there seems no way out
you are drowning in the ashes of your goals
no cries, no shouts
will be heard.

Once it has passed
take hold of what is still left
create meaning
out of this mess
piece by piece
build the fortress
of your dreams
yet again.