Moment of magic

We all are
silently waiting
for that one moment of magic
where our lives will be like
we see in our dreams
We all are
silently waiting
for that one moment of magic
where our lives will be entwined
with the ones we love
We all are waiting
for that one moment of magic
which will take our breath away
and take us to a beautiful world
We all are
silently waiting
praying in our hearts
that the world unfolds
the way we want it
and yet we are just here
for the one small moment of magic
that may or not arrive
but in hope of it
we will survive
another day.


There stood in front of me
Several Gods
God of money
God of power
God of lust
God of greed
God of love
And I was confused
For I couldn’t trust
One God enough
To drive me through life
I certainly needed more than one God
To survive
So when I was poor
I made money my God
And it helped me through
Then I made love my God
To survive the blues
I made power my God
When the world around me was dying
Then I chose lust
For it was satisfying
There was one God that stood with me all along
And I worship only that God
Even when I know
I could be really wrong.

The value of some people

For men may come and men may go,
But I go on forever.
~The Brook, Alfred Lord Tennyson

If ever you are confused
between letting go and holding on
remember life will continue
it will move on
with or without people
that is the rule of life
but when in doubt
look inside
and while you know that life will go on
with or without people
but will that life be as beautiful
as it is with them now?
If your answer is no
remember to not let go easily
hold on, hold on
slowly and steadily
let them flow into your life
and once they have entered
do not lock them inside
you know you will always come back to them
and they will always come back to you
so slowly and steadily
let them enter
let them enter and fill every crevice
life will go on with or without them
but will it be a beautiful life
you decide.

Sorrow and Joy




She sobs, tears rolling down her face
anger, sadness,
maddening rage.

But then she hears her mother’s voice,
whispering to her,
telling her, that she has a choice.

Each day will bring
happiness and sorrow
and she can let one take over the other,
she can choose to cry
or just be happy rather.

But as long as she sticks to hope
and knows she holds the key
no chain can bind her
and she will be free.

In the end,
it will be up to her to decide,
whether to drown in sadness
or take it in her stride.

It all comes down to a choice,
a choice between
happiness and sorrow
and if today she fails to make the right one,
she must remember,
there is always a tomorrow.

Everything wrong with a good book

I am not an avid reader which basically means a book can engross me only if the plot is good, the writer leaves the gap which reader fills with his own thoughts and so he doesn’t explicitly lays down his own thinking, forcing it on the readers. That’s what a good book is.

What wrong can go with a good book that has a good plot and is totally drool worthy? Well, not every reader gets excited on looking at a book that is so thick that he can’t even easily hold it in his hands, let alone, reading it in a single go. That’s what happened today. I went out with a purpose to buy a book and on looking at the thickness and also the small font, I felt a little disappointed. I had exactly that amount which was needed for the book so that basically shows that my only intent behind leaving the comfort of my quilt was buying that particular book. *Sigh*

But did I buy it? No.
Why not? Well, apart from the few disappointments the book offered me, the seller added to it by not being able to keep the book in a proper shape. I would definitely prefer ordering a book online because I know at least it will be worth the money. For a 3-4% discount, I would never compromise on the quality of a book that will stay with me, maybe for my entire life. I now know why bookshops are dying and ​online sellers are dominating the market. Or I guess it is vice versa. Apparently the online booksellers overtook the market and killed the existence of the small bookshops that were my place of solace for a very long time. The bookshops are dying and maybe there will come a day when I will go out and there will only be the big bookshops that might survive the battle with the online sellers and I will miss the peace my small bookshop gave me. I already miss it.

Many people ask me, “Why don’t you read an e-book?” I really cannot answer that question. For a person like me, technology must be there so long as it serves its basic purpose and that alone will suffice. I don’t want it to creep into my hobbies and take away the pleasure that a paperback or a hardcover will give me. Never.

What can go wrong with a good book? Apparently, a lot.

What now?

Today was officially my last day in office. Yet I have had almost a hundred people ask me, “What now?” Yes, hundred. Mostly because there were like so many marriages and obviously people have so much of free time. I avoided their questions by keeping myself engrossed in doing work (basically making tea for around 50 people) but still the questions didn’t really end.

The funniest was when one of my aunts asked if I left the job because I was getting married! I killed her in my head in the most brutal manner possible and I simply smiled. I will definitely use her as a subject matter in one of my stories someday! That’s one of the main reasons people don’t like writers I guess.

So, while my head already is in a dilemma and is afraid of what lies in the future, people only try to increase my worries. Now if I submit, what’s the point of being brave all along. Well, whether I am stupid or brave will be decided in some time. But till that time, I can at least assume that I am brave. 😀

While I write this a part of me cries thinking what now and part of me says there’s a long way to go. While i love working, it became more of a distraction and i believe that shouldn’t happen.

For someone who loves to experiment, life won’t be boring. Even if it is, I am pretty sure I can still manage to laugh. At least I can torture people with my comic strips and for as long as people continue to read the blog, my story is heard. I exactly know now why I write. One of my friends couldn’t do it, say or write, and he chose a different path. He chose to end his life. Only if we had been there to try to listen to the small things he had to say, such a thing wouldn’t happen. Remember always,” the red washing down the bathtub can’t change the color of the sea at all”.

Clearly I am freaked out! But this too shall pass. Or so I hope.