Surrender to your dreams tonight

When you aim high
your failure is bound to be as big
what matters
is what you do with it
as long as there is fight left in you
keep trying
even if you can’t see your goal
continue flying
sometimes you will feel tired
and worn out
crippled by fear
and doubt
surrender to your dreams
turn off the light
your dreams will let you survive
another day.


Spending life with him

Ever since he has entered the heart
Life hasn’t been the same
There are so many memories we have created together
Some written under sun, some drenched in rain
It hasn’t been a completely smooth ride
We have had our ups and downs
Our love grew through the thick and thin
And seeped into us, becoming an emotion so profound
There is an endless river of love that flows from the heart
A flow that is unstoppable
When you know you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody
You want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

Moment of magic

We all are
silently waiting
for that one moment of magic
where our lives will be like
we see in our dreams
We all are
silently waiting
for that one moment of magic
where our lives will be entwined
with the ones we love
We all are waiting
for that one moment of magic
which will take our breath away
and take us to a beautiful world
We all are
silently waiting
praying in our hearts
that the world unfolds
the way we want it
and yet we are just here
for the one small moment of magic
that may or not arrive
but in hope of it
we will survive
another day.

Never stop learning

In the most golden of hours
In the darkest of times
don’t stop learning.

Even when you have tried hard
and you aren’t succeeding
don’t stop learning.

Even when you are waiting for that one breakthrough
and you are nowhere near it
don’t stop learning.

Even when life throws failure
and you are struggling hard to fight
don’t stop learning.

Even if your work is being appreciated
stay grounded
don’t stop learning
Never stop learning.

Wandering and home

I’m wandering amidst the possibilities
Betting that my dreams will shape
While I am trying to build
I try to ensure that when I fall back
I have a strong base
When I am done abd dusted
From the failures and successes
All I want is to find my way back home
The home where my heart lies.

Will dark drive out the dark?


When you are feeling lost
and there seems no hope
you don’t get answers from inside
and there is none outside that can help you cope.

When their darkness is starting to match yours’ frequency
and there is resonance
everything may collapse
once you slip into helplessness.

You stand there hoping for dark to drive out the dark
simply not seeing that it won’t be alright
their darkness can never drive out your darkness
it is time you find your light

and your light should be so greater
than their darkness combined
that it just doesn’t heal you
even their darkness sublimes.

Burning the boats


I stand on the riverside
and I see multiple islands
and also multiple boats
Having the privilege of choice
there are many that I can board
and also come back to
where I started from
I will still have the same silver spoon
they once put in my mouth.

There is an island of passion
one of responsibility
then there are many more
of various dreams that I see.

Having the privilege of choice
I know I can always come back to where I started from
but as the years pass
I get a feeling, strong
that of all the boats that I will take
based on my journey
my future will shape
so even when I am blessed with the privilege of choice
I wish to step back for a moment
listen to my own voice
and for once
take only one boat
and burn it down when I reach the other side
and somehow
make it all right.

Don’t lose your spark

A $lodier's Dream HD Desktop Background

I know you started out with a dream
and you tried to turn it into reality
your dream died while competing with many other dreams
but do not lose your spark.

I know now that your dream has died
it must hurt
but whatever happens, build your dream again
and do not lose your spark.

It may take a day
or years
to see your dream where you want to see it
keep working
do not lose your spark.

Many dreams will come
many will go
a few will live
many will die
but remember if your dream can make even
one face smile
for that one smile
do not lose your spark.

What they won’t tell you about following your heart

I envisioned a dream
And took a leap of faith
Not knowing where I’ll land
And I landed on my face
They all told me to follow my heart
Saying that it won’t lead me astray
What they didn’t tell me about following my heart
Is what to do when it breaks
And now I think I’ll be left behind
In this mad rat race.