Child, do not feel so broken
there is both light and dark inside of us
and while the world is torn by war and hatred
make sure your light shines through.

They will try to evade your light with darkness
and keep on telling that you are a failure
remember only one thing then
gather all your light
and make sure it shines through
even if you are consumed by darkness one day
you wouldn’t have gone without a fight
their dark will not evade the light
that is left in you
even if it is a small flicker
do not let it die
your light should be greater than their darkness combined.


Goodness in the world

Not the usual whining
Or blaming the world
Or the cab drivers
This time its a story different
Usually hopeless
And scared of the world
Its now time to make amends
And bring to light
The brighter side of the world
That is not so hard
And cares
And makes you realise
Your presence does make a little bit difference
Even a stranger can be a friend
And the seemingly hard people
Act so because they too face everyday battles
But they too have a soft side
That looks out for you
In your plight
The world isn’t all dark
There’s still hope
Still some light
And such an experience becomes more beautiful
When you least expect the world
To be by your side.

Hard to stay good

It is a strange world we live in
we spend our lives
learning moral values
and the difference between
right and wrong
but it has become a world
too polluted
that its become too hard
to stay good
that if your intentions are true
they will be tested
that if you do anything good
it will be doubted
it is a strange world we live in
when it is okay to be bad
too hard to be good.