Child, do not feel so broken
there is both light and dark inside of us
and while the world is torn by war and hatred
make sure your light shines through.

They will try to evade your light with darkness
and keep on telling that you are a failure
remember only one thing then
gather all your light
and make sure it shines through
even if you are consumed by darkness one day
you wouldn’t have gone without a fight
their dark will not evade the light
that is left in you
even if it is a small flicker
do not let it die
your light should be greater than their darkness combined.


When they ask you to let go of me

I clutched hard, holding tight the string that tied us,
they warned me it will break,
yet I couldn’t resist putting all my effort
not for you, but my own sake.

They asked me to let go of you,
to break the bond that had kept us together
And though I was prepared to see you go
I chose to hold onto you rather.

No, it wasn’t a mistake,
it was never about caging you,
It is a small voice inside me that says
that there can’t be another you.

But will you think the same
when they ask you to let go of me?
Will you clutch my hand the same way as I did
or just set me free.

I lend you my hope

I closed my heart
Long ago
To never feel a thing
Encased, caged it
To escape
Impetuous suffering.

And whilst the good days lasted
I had already let the hope wander far
Only to realize
That if only I had kept the door ajar
Would light seek in
Where there was misery
The door to my happiness
Could only be unlocked with the key
That I held in my own hands.

Only that
I was too afraid to fly
In fear of being broken
I let my days be wry
The good days slipped by.

And when I did try
To open the door
The light was gone
It was there no more.

And yet while my own light
Failed to shine
There was an unknown one
Not mine
That dispelled the darkness
And planted a hope
That let me survive
Helped me cope.

And the good days again came by
My door no longer bolted
My dreams did fly
And of all the tragedies I lived through
There was one thing to stick to
A hope
That didn’t die.

And oh what a tragedy it will be
To not lend the hope
That was once
Lent to me.

An invincible summer

Shadowed by grief
Happiness was choked,
Wishing for a dream
Hell bent on hope
That something good will come out
Of chaos
And doubt,
Maybe it’s just a test,
Maybe that’s what it’s all about.

Through the doubts and strife
A light shone through
Guiding me to the path
Untraveled, new.

It asked be to burn,
Wanting some sacrifice,
As long as I had some hope
I knew it would suffice.

And while seasons kept on changing
The colors,
It was in the midst of one winter
That I found within me,
An invincible summer.

A good thing never dies

Acts of love
Always remain
Etched in the hearts;
Engraved, held tight,
So they don’t depart,
For their presence can wash away,
The remnants of past
That otherwise were
Meant to last.

Keep them,
Keep them close to your heart
Let them not die,
For they will keep your hope intact
And help you survive!

The perks of writing

Its strange how they would listen
without cutting the conversation in between
and telling their own story
like all other people do
when he would tell them a story new
and before he even finishes
he would have to listen to what they are telling
knowing exactly how they have
not been listening
makes his blood boil sometimes
to have been given too much patience
so he would either slip into silence
or cling to a hope
that he too will find someone to listen
not yet, nope
so every time he would adopt
a new defense mechanism to cope
sometimes keeping quiet,
or keeping himself too occupied
but when spoken words fail him
writing gives him hope
at least there is someone to listen
when he would frantically grope.

We will be fine

Your eyes shine
with flames of anger
but in it
I see a need
hidden down deep beneath
that needs to speak
A dark and dispelling presence
of this man
makes me weak
on my knees
And I get drawn
distance is hard to keep
Love or lust I don’t really know of
But I do believe
there is a bleak
hope that this man’s darkness
will dispel mine
and this time
we will just be fine.

Losing all hope

When pain cripples your body
ever felt the urge
to give up?
some bad time stays
it doesn’t really go
people ask you
to go with the flow
but the hurt is too deep
and scars too exposed
to let the wound heal
to let you find any hope
so you cling to something
work, love or lust
and sticking with it
sometimes you spend your entire life
but have you ever wondered
when your hope dies
will you be able to survive?

She stands alone


 Helpless is what she feels

her heart pounding

she moves with a

burden, she feels low

maybe this all will

take to grow.

A few things

enliven her hope

give her the spirit

help her to cope.

Maybe fighting is all

she can do

you may never realize

what she goes through.

For her story

is an unsung saga

a battle fought

which only she knows.

She will keep her hope alive

and will strive

to see how long

she can survive.

For her story

is an unsung saga

you will never know

she will never show.