Slowly and then all at once

I fell in love
Slowly and steadily
Walking carefully
Trying my best to save myself
From falling completely
But then I looked in his eyes
And in a blink
I fell
I fell in love
And then all at once.


When you are tired of being strongĀ 

It was a long time ago
When she shielded her heart
Broken a little by her present
A little by her past
And she learned to act strong
In the face of adversity
So much that
She never lived fully
When the good days arrived
She doubted the bad it will bring
But in aridity
She learned to sing
One day someone left her again
Knowing that she was strong
So she could cope
Never did she feel so broken
Devoid of hope
Than when her strength finally broke her!

A day away from reality

Give me a day, a day away from reality
So I can follow my heart without having it broken
and for once, live fully.

I hope for the moment that binds me to itself
and keeps me close
to everything I hold dear
give me that one moment
where there is no fear
of losing anything that I have
anything I don’t want to lose
let me have that moment
the one moment I choose
the one moment you cannot take away from me.