That day a good man died
When he lost the fight
And there stood many people
Claiming sides
One held in his hand
A green cloth for his body
One held a flag of a country
One held a cross sign
Each of them claiming
That this man was on their side
But what they didn’t realise was
That day a good man died
Neither a hindu
Nor a muslim
Nor a christian
That day
A good man died.


Not being who you are

It feels a little bad
And a lot overwhelming
To step out of your niceness
To crawl into a skin so alien
And shout and fight
When you could’ve been quiet
To hurt someone a little
You never wanted to hurt
But then we begin to lose
Ourselves in the madness
Its one big deal
To keep your own self intact
Rather than losing your true structure
But then situations overwhelm us so bad
That we often rupture
And lose ourselves.