Child, do not feel so broken
there is both light and dark inside of us
and while the world is torn by war and hatred
make sure your light shines through.

They will try to evade your light with darkness
and keep on telling that you are a failure
remember only one thing then
gather all your light
and make sure it shines through
even if you are consumed by darkness one day
you wouldn’t have gone without a fight
their dark will not evade the light
that is left in you
even if it is a small flicker
do not let it die
your light should be greater than their darkness combined.


Anything is possible child

Your demons tell you that life won’t be fair
that you will not find what you are looking for
they will slowly consume you from within
because you are not so sure
of where life will take you next
because you are not holding life’s steering
you are afraid, you are scared
there is a strange feeling
that you will fail
that you will fall
that you are not standing on a solid ground
why do you fear so much
why should the hurt be so profound
look around and you will love
what you have in your hands
in this temporal life
everything is fading away like falling sand
why do you have to be so scared
go out with all you have and give a brave fight
anything is possible, everything is possible child
turn away from the dark, look at the light!

Will dark drive out the dark?


When you are feeling lost
and there seems no hope
you don’t get answers from inside
and there is none outside that can help you cope.

When their darkness is starting to match yours’ frequency
and there is resonance
everything may collapse
once you slip into helplessness.

You stand there hoping for dark to drive out the dark
simply not seeing that it won’t be alright
their darkness can never drive out your darkness
it is time you find your light

and your light should be so greater
than their darkness combined
that it just doesn’t heal you
even their darkness sublimes.

The Pursuit

The pursuit of happiness

Days spent in pursuit

some days a good ending

other days

streams of endless tears

pursuit of endless dreams

fighting thousands of fears

yet the world looks incomplete

an unsolved puzzle

where shall I fit

always been a struggle

to fall into place

when all is falling apart

why do we try to fit in 

we were born to stay apart

and make a difference 

no one could make

face your fears

put it all at stake

and not even when you do it

will the world be by your side

it is in the darkest of corners

will the light be your guide

and the light shall not be worldly

not a living spirit shall help you find your way

It is only in your faith

and the light will be what you say

However the light 

will guide into darkness

because that’s where we started

and that’s where we will dust

do all you can

and all you must.




Where the songs of the birds sound like a dream
Where the snow falls like a sunbeam
Where the souls live happily
Where the birds sing merrily
Where the light removes clouds of ignorance
Where we smell a sort of fragrance
Where the trees talk in whispers
Where the fairies fly with feathers
Where all the dreams come true
Where the surroundings are white and blue
Where the souls rest in peace
Where there is no need to pay the fees
Where we find calmness in everything
Where we find the birds singing
Where it seems like touching the sky
Where we find answers to what and why
Where the birds sing songs of truth
Where there is no lie, only truth
Where the flowers bloom in red
Where there is home for the dead
Where the evil cannot find place
Where everyone feels warm and safe
Where the fairies fly in the dark
Where we cannot find any evil mark
Where we find a lot of beauty
Where we find the path of duty
Where the angels have their walk
Where there is no need of a clock
Where we find the answer to everything
“Who is the beggar and who is the king?”