Spending life with him

Ever since he has entered the heart
Life hasn’t been the same
There are so many memories we have created together
Some written under sun, some drenched in rain
It hasn’t been a completely smooth ride
We have had our ups and downs
Our love grew through the thick and thin
And seeped into us, becoming an emotion so profound
There is an endless river of love that flows from the heart
A flow that is unstoppable
When you know you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody
You want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.


Give me the privilege of fearlessly loving you

I know you don’t entirely belong to me
and I wouldn’t want to tie you down with love
but dear o dear
believe me, trust
that I can hold your world intact
and keep that smile on your face forever
I will hold you close to my heart
and never
leave your side.

Dear o dear
give me the privilege of fearlessly loving you
we need labels
so there is only one place we can call home
not two.

Lower your guard

Open your doors
Let me in
I have been waiting
To drench you in my love
Lower your guard
For once
Spill all your inner demons
My world is waiting for your world
It has already made a place for you
Come now
Allow my dreams to come true
Seal this bond we share
So we can spend our lives

Mature yet childlike

My love can accommodate his world
I am capable to carry it for him
It is a kind of love I have never felt
the love that I feel for him
is mature yet childlike
I am overjoyed when my eyes are able to hold his presence
and while he is always there in me
it is catharsis I experience
not because his lips can finally meet mine
not because his hands can slide against my body
but for the mere fact that he is there
and my eyes can hold him
even if for a brief moment.

How much a heart can hold

It may be the size of a fist
but it is filled with a universe of love
overflowing emotions, care, concern
silently waiting for the lover
through the crests and troughs
There is only one wish
that the lover enters the gate of the heart
and lock it from inside
so we stay there
spend our life
eventually turn old
and while every poet has tried his best
none can tell
how much a heart can hold.

Selflessly selfish love

While it is easier said than done
I still wish to put in words
that sometimes love will be selfish
but dear o dear
there is no greater truth than this
that I have not had a bigger love
nor have I mastered the art of loving yet
so love is always there
but sometimes it will upset
for it doesn’t want to spend a moment without you
it suffers great agony
fear of what lies in future
the fear of tragedy
might show up and hurt sometimes
but there is no greater truth than this
love may seem selfish
but above all of this
is a never ending love I feel for you.

If you fear you will disappear

He asks me
what will stay of him when he leaves
there are just a few moments
we shared for a time brief
that he will fade out
like the drafts that disappear before me
crushed and crumpled
to never be seen

I keep quiet and smile
but I don’t say a word
memories will always be kept
even if they blur
and though he fears that he will disappear
with time
I will have
those rhymes
in which he will always stay.

I am sure he cannot hear
but now that I know he will stay
what if I am the one who disappears?

We will be fine

Your eyes shine
with flames of anger
but in it
I see a need
hidden down deep beneath
that needs to speak
A dark and dispelling presence
of this man
makes me weak
on my knees
And I get drawn
distance is hard to keep
Love or lust I don’t really know of
But I do believe
there is a bleak
hope that this man’s darkness
will dispel mine
and this time
we will just beĀ fine.