That day a good man died
When he lost the fight
And there stood many people
Claiming sides
One held in his hand
A green cloth for his body
One held a flag of a country
One held a cross sign
Each of them claiming
That this man was on their side
But what they didn’t realise was
That day a good man died
Neither a hindu
Nor a muslim
Nor a christian
That day
A good man died.


The happiness!!!!

“I Have Grown Up Seeing The World Discriminate Over A Name, And Been A Victim Myself”

Powerful man!

Bloodshed, murder!
A man killed his own kin,
his own daughter, who he said
had committed a sin
of marrying a man from another religion
and he says he preferred sword over poison
because it would cleanse
the family from the fault of her crime
and that it was done in the service of the divine.
News flashed across
evoking a strange thought in one kid
he asked his father
why such an act was committed
and the father did reply
saying the man claims it was in the service of God
but it is not an act to applaud.
To take a life is not in our hands
it all happens as per God’s plan
It was then the kid exclaimed:
‘God must be a very powerful man!’