When you have failed

In the chase of your dreams, you will get bruised
your honour will be trampled in the sewer of baser minds
your dreams will break and shatter in front of your eyes
you will not always succeed
for failure is bound to come
and if in such times
someone is able to stand by you
if someone is able to stand by you
when you have failed
never let them go.


Everything’s gonna be alright

Yes, you wanted that job real bad
and you are still hoping for that dream to come true
and it hasn’t happened yet.

Yes, you expected happiness after all that sorrow
and you have been struggling hard to find happiness
and it hasn’t found its way yet.

Yes, you tried your best
you have failed and you are waiting for success
and it is nowhere to be seen.

Yes, you are a bit tired now
you want to have all those things you wanted
and they are still miles away from you.

Yes, it does seem that there is no hope
that it is dark all the way
and that light won’t be found.

When you are faced with such times
remember that light will always find its way
if you are willing to look for it.

If you are ready to bear the light
after staying so long in the dark
light will come to you
and it will hurt for a while
but everything’s gonna be alright.

Don’t lose your spark

A $lodier's Dream HD Desktop Background

I know you started out with a dream
and you tried to turn it into reality
your dream died while competing with many other dreams
but do not lose your spark.

I know now that your dream has died
it must hurt
but whatever happens, build your dream again
and do not lose your spark.

It may take a day
or years
to see your dream where you want to see it
keep working
do not lose your spark.

Many dreams will come
many will go
a few will live
many will die
but remember if your dream can make even
one face smile
for that one smile
do not lose your spark.


A few steps I took forward
But sometimes I had to retreat
I wanted success
But not at the cost of defeat
I wasn’t ready to lose what I had
But I needed what wasn’t already mine
I counted people as possessions
Thinking they will last and I’ll be fine
I gained, I lost
Few stayed, few chose to quit
But they tell me there will be a reward at the end of this road
depending on how much life I give for it.

Not a wish granting factory!

Hope, they say, is everything
that you must stick to it
and not let it die
magic happens
even your fantasies,
they all come alive.
That’s what we have been told
that we must not be afraid to dream
but not taught how to carry on
and redeem
ourselves when a dream explodes
and burns us to the ground
leaves us with scars
and pain too profound.
Keep faith,
but do not be hell bent on hope
while you must be afraid of falling
you must also learn how to cope.
Excellence will be applauded
all else labeled satisfactory
Remember the world owes you nothing
for it is not a wish granting factory.

Perfections Imperfections!

Caught between the never ending struggle
to balance the perfect and imperfect
drenched in comparisons
fixing the wrecked
self that is too drowned in gloom
to accept ourselves
we give no room
not allowing dreams to fly carefree
always striving to be a success
forgetting to enjoy, basking in worry
not noticing the little beautiful things
that happen to pass by
and then complain about
a life so wry
pause a little
fail at a big dream and lose
only then you can enjoy the little that comes along
instead of slipping away into blues.