There stood in front of me
Several Gods
God of money
God of power
God of lust
God of greed
God of love
And I was confused
For I couldn’t trust
One God enough
To drive me through life
I certainly needed more than one God
To survive
So when I was poor
I made money my God
And it helped me through
Then I made love my God
To survive the blues
I made power my God
When the world around me was dying
Then I chose lust
For it was satisfying
There was one God that stood with me all along
And I worship only that God
Even when I know
I could be really wrong.

The value of anything

I bought a book
In exchange for some money
It helped me live through rainy days
As well as sunny
But a day arrived
When I misplaced it on a trip
And well it could still be replaced
Buy the same title, everything is fixed.
However that was not the case with people
They don’t come with price tags
You can’t just replace one with the other
They’re not a passing fad.
Every thing will eventually go
Be it a book or a moment you try to seize
But the value of anything won’t be the price tag
But how you do without it
Think how you will do without it
When it leaves.