You question my love?

I am often accused of lying
they tell me it is easier to woo someone with words
than to actually love them
but I beg to differ.

When they questioned the depth of my love
I told them there was none
who could love more than me.

Stunned, they spilled all their weapons
one said they had wealth to keep their lover happy
one said they had their body
to satisfy the lust
one said they had the power to bring the whole world to lover’s feet
each one saying
that their love was deep.

I offered them my pen
to write a verse
if they felt so much love
for the lover
why couldn’t they fit it into mere lines?

They tried hard
each one of them trying to rhyme
none of the verses sounded fine.

I wrote my verse
my hands scattered words across the paper with ease
was I trying to please
my lover?

Yes, the love isn’t in words
yes, I cannot love my lover
with a verse
yes, I cannot offer my lover with power or money
but I could love my lover
in times of tragedy
I could love my lover
when the lover was not so lovable
I could love my lover
when I couldn’t even love myself
I could love my lover
when my remaining world was falling apart.

You question my love
just because I have words
and you don’t?

I have the power of love
and words in my hand
what do you have?


Words that disappear as drafts

Unsaid, untold, unspoken
some words never leave the mouth
they lie there
on the lips
full of doubt
they want to get out
and hurt someone
but they choose to stay back
and in doing so
they turn their owner
into a wreck.

She knew who loved her the most

The eldest child called out
‘Mama, I need my ironed clothes,
I am running late’
So the mother handed her the uniform
Kissed her on her cheek
‘I love you mama’
A statement was made
Youngest asked for breakfast
Shouting and screaming because he was hungry
‘I love you mom’ said the kid
Eating, no longer hangry.
The middle one came along
And saw his mother doing her daily chores
He didn’t say I love you
But he made sure
To lend a helping hand
And that too with a smile
Lessening her burden
His job was worthwhile.
‘Good night’ said the three kids
‘We love you’, two did boast
But the mother knew
Which one loved her the most.

Do not let words overshadow your love

Words, words are necessary,
To fill the gaps,
To be poured into hearts that are hollow,
They might be our deepest truths,
Or shallow,
But it is not necessary
To always fill silence,
With words,
For It overshadows,
Your love
Which can speak volumes,
Without a word escaping from your mouth,
And though words are necessary,
They are not everything,
Love is about.

The wrong kind of love

Vows, promises,
we held hands through all of it
I assured that I loved him
but words, words must not be trusted
because I remember what I once said
that I would always be happy in his happiness
empty words they were
and empty ones are good as dead.

I said I loved him
that all I want in life is to see him smile
if not me, someone else must come
to share his lows and highs.

But now, when he has left me
I want him to feel some pain
I want him to feel damaged
and to never be loved back again.

But words are not always necessary

It is in the little things they do,
waking me up,
buying me something new.

It is in the worry
when they call up
to ask if I reached,
It is in their melodrama
and sometimes the emotional speech.

Of all I have known about words
is that they deceive
but there are some little acts
that never fail to speak.
For it is always in the little things we do
that speak without saying
“I love you”.

If you have a gift, use it wisely

Because the words hold power
That can defy even the power of a sword
They can even kill
That’s the power they hold
The blabber is sometimes okay
But it will be better if you choose
To pen down stories
That can make a difference huge
By changing perspectives through which people see
By blurring or clearing their lenses
By setting their minds free
As a writer you can change lives
By creating a little magic
So the blinded world can see
That’s the power the words hold
But remember to use it wisely.