You question my love?

I am often accused of lying
they tell me it is easier to woo someone with words
than to actually love them
but I beg to differ.

When they questioned the depth of my love
I told them there was none
who could love more than me.

Stunned, they spilled all their weapons
one said they had wealth to keep their lover happy
one said they had their body
to satisfy the lust
one said they had the power to bring the whole world to lover’s feet
each one saying
that their love was deep.

I offered them my pen
to write a verse
if they felt so much love
for the lover
why couldn’t they fit it into mere lines?

They tried hard
each one of them trying to rhyme
none of the verses sounded fine.

I wrote my verse
my hands scattered words across the paper with ease
was I trying to please
my lover?

Yes, the love isn’t in words
yes, I cannot love my lover
with a verse
yes, I cannot offer my lover with power or money
but I could love my lover
in times of tragedy
I could love my lover
when the lover was not so lovable
I could love my lover
when I couldn’t even love myself
I could love my lover
when my remaining world was falling apart.

You question my love
just because I have words
and you don’t?

I have the power of love
and words in my hand
what do you have?


They were nothing their words told

You cannot connect the dots
no, you can’t
until you know the story
they will laugh about their woes
and stand in glory
even when they fall
making molehill out of a mountain
so it looks small.

They will weep
and cry through their words
even when the pain is too shallow
they can portray a blessing as a curse.

Though some penned to express
some just wrote to be sold
and while some were everything their pen wrote
some were nothing their words told.


Pitched in an article,
not the usual depressing stuff
but humor
crossed fingers
waited for the reply
as the time passed by
I only grew morose
thinking the experiment failed
until today in the morning
arrived a mail
saying the article is so well written
only that they don’t deal in humor
she also called me a terrific writer
and it has made the day brighter
I have been always been my own motivation
but it finally feels great
to receive some appreciation.

Book launch

The stage was set
Faint sound claps
Waiting for the first look
Only it wasn’t a person
But the launch of a book
All eyes focused
On my dream
And it was finally
I stood there, humbled
The claps became louder
Never had I been
So happy in my life
Finally my words will speak
Without me speaking
I never pictured
It to be so dramatic
A little unreal it seemed
Only it was just a dream!

Life’s like that


Every time I would pick up
a pen and paper
I would be in delight
blabbering randomly
penning down whatever
comes into mind.
Philosophy, humor, love
sometimes I would just whine
and sometimes falling out of
rightly matching rhymes.
I would love it
when a piece comes out just fine
and then wonder if the audience’s opinion
matches with mine.
Frequently I would try
to betray their expectations
mostly I would fail
in giving it a good foundation.
Sometimes a structure would collapse
so bad that no one visits the piece I write
but then it was long ago
that I learned not to give up the fight.
Dear writer
give yourself a little pat
the world won’t always see things the way you see
but then life’s like that.